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MCT Oil: Definitions and benefits

MCT Oil is a type of oil that is made from medium chain fatty acids which are found in coconut and palm oils. The abbreviation stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. This oil is used for a wide variety of purposes/advantages:


1) Weight loss: MCT Oil often helps to promote weight loss by increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation. It often assists in reducing the appetite. Consuming MCT Oil promotes the release of two appetite suppressing hormones: Peptide YY and Leptin. Studies have shown that folks who added the MCT Oil to their breakfast ended up consuming considerably less (than normal) for lunch.


2) Increased energy seems to be a common advantage of taking MCT Oil.


3) Improved cognition is an additional plus of this wonder product. Many studies have shown that MCT Oil may help to improve cognition function especially with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients; this was also coupled with being on a keto diet.


4) Inflammation reducer: This oil had anti-inflammatory properties and may help to, generally, reduce inflammation throughout the body. (Remember, too, that inflammation is the start of about 85 percent of disease!)


5) MCT lowers your bad cholesterol (naturally).


6) MCT Oil strengthens hair! It protects hair from breakage and it holds in the protein which keeps the follicle healthy, too. Additionally, it keeps your scalp healthy, too, as it prevents fungi and increases hair growth.


7) MCT can act as a great hair detangler for humans and pets! We can simply add it to our favorite shampoo (preferably, one without a built-in conditioner). It makes hair or fur much easier to comb out when wet. (To 8 ounces of shampoo, add 4 Tablespoons of MCT Oil).


8) MCT Oil makes our bodies burn fat much faster.


9) MCT can help manage epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and autism. The studies showed that the MCT Oil, as mentioned previously, was coupled with the keto diet in order to show these positive results of lessening the effects of autism and the geriatric cognitive diseases.


10) MCT contains specialized acids that fight yeast infections and bacterial growth. Studies have shown that this reduces candida albicans by 25 percent and also fights a bacteria called…clostridium difficile.


11) MCT can help manage blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that MCT Oil also has benefits for diabetic and metabolic syndrome. One study from 2007 followed 40 people with diabetes and those who consumed MCT Oil, daily, saw body weight reductions, waist circumference reductions and insulin resistance compared to those taking corn oil containing LCTs (Ling Chain Triglycerides).


Again, and as always, consult your doctor or pharmacist before adding any new supplement to your health routine

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