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Branson Auction is this weekend

The highly anticipated Branson Auction is set for this weekend at the Hilton Convention Center. Twice each year automobile enthusiasts converge on Branson for what has become one of the most popular car auctions in the United States. For well over four decades, the Branson Auction has been producing auctions that offer the area's largest collection of cars under one roof.

Founded in the early 1980s by Mark Trimble, the Branson Auction was purchased in 1988 by Jim Cox. For Jim and his wife, Kathy, the Branson Auction is an extension of their favorite hobby—collecting, restoring and having fun with cars. Jim and Kathy love to share that fun with thousands of people twice each year—in April and October. The two-day auction features vintage and classic cars and trucks, out-of-the-ordinary automobiles, and more. More than 200 sports, classic, custom and muscle cars will cross the auction block during each event.


The Branson Auction is one of the most longstanding and well-respected auto auctions in the country, offering auction goers the very best in collector cars. Jim Cox can attribute his success to one thing—service.


Said Cox, "The business approach has always been about service. Service to the collector, the restorer, the mechanic, transporter, insurance provider and all who come in contact with the individuals that love their cars, bikes, boats or memorabilia. Today there are collector car auctions every weekend, some much bigger. But we like to think none more dedicated to one simple principle—service to the collector."


Cox is also a tremendous supporter of the community. Not only does he encourage those who attend his auctions to visit Branson's many shows and attractions, but a portion of funds raised at each auction is ear marked for one of the area's nonprofit organizations. It is Jim's way of giving back to the city he loves.


The Branson Auction's spring event is set for this weekend, April 19 and 20, at the Branson Convention Center. The Auction is open to the public. Admission is $15 for one day or $25 for the two-day auction. Auction times are Friday, April 19, at 12 noon and Saturday, April 20, at 10 am.  


For more information on the Branson Auction, call417-335-3063or visit their website,

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