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Reader's Corner: Learning on Wednesday coming up at KAL

Did you know that the Southern Stone County Food Bank is the largest food pantry in the south part of Stone County? And do you know anyone who needs to hear about it?


This type of useful information is just one example of the helpful and educational topics at the regular Learning on Wednesday events at the Kimberling Area Library! Plan now to join Ray Cziczo at on Wednesday, June 12, for “A Valuable Community Resource,” an informative session detailing year-round services of Southern Stone County Food Bank, which currently provides a range of food items to 256 families each month. Volunteers who work at the food bank come from all walks of life, helping contribute to improved dietary health of needy southern Stone County residents.


The session will begin at 10:15 a.m. in the Library Community Room. Coffee and light snacks are provided; prior registration is not required; and attendance is free for this informal but important event. Knowing about this community resource might be just what you need, whether for yourself or a neighbor.


Stay up to date on educational and fun events at the Kimberling Area Library by visiting


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