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Class teaches home and personal safety

A class taught by a local resident gave attendees a look at how to stay safe in our changing world. 


Beth Schulz, with help from her husband, Glenn, taught the class the basics of home and personal security without the use of weapons.


Beth Schulz teaching the class how to stay safe in our changing world (Photo submitted)

"The mind is the most powerful defensive weapon," said Schulz. "About 90 percent of potential 'incidents' can be avoided or deescalated using only the mind and some simple techniques. We spent the majority of the time on situational awareness that has four levels, each designated with a unique color. We taught that you never want to be unaware of your surroundings (white). With basic training and techniques, you can always be very aware of your situation and surroundings (yellow), which eliminates paranoia while keeping you safe. When something doesn't seem or look right, you make a plan to avoid or escape the situation (orange). If things go wrong, you take action (red)."


For his part, in the class Glenn Schulz covered the practical exercises—how to not get caught by blind spots, taking the safe route (which isn't necessarily the shortest route), being polite yet safe, and techniques for parking lots and parking garages.


"Glenn ran them through a couple of video simulation exercises, as well, to help sharpen their newly-learned skills," explained Beth.


Both Beth and Glenn have many credentials and certifications in the areas of safety and defense.


Said Beth, "Glenn and I are highly skilled and practiced in personal, corporate, worship and school defense. We are very committed to Branson and wanted to offer our neighbors some sound, well tested techniques to help keep them safe."


Beth explained that the class, which was held at the Library Center of the Ozarks, was well received.


"We are thinking of offering some other introductory classes for the community," noted Schulz. "We will announce them in mid-April. In addition, we teach several other classes that generally require a day or two to complete, but go into much more depth and practice. Our website,

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