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Branson's Open for Business program encourages business expansion and development

Open for Business (OFB) is part of the City of Branson’s ongoing efforts to assist and promote business expansion and foster economic development and prosperity. The Branson Globe interviewed Amanda Ross, the Acting Director of Branson’s Planning and Development Department. The interview result is presented below in a Q and A format.


What is the purpose of Open for Business (OFB)?


ANSWER: It’s a free service offered by the City of Branson that serves as a vital platform for collaboration between business owners, entrepreneurs, developers (participants) and the City’s OGB Team. *


What is the significance of OFB?


ANSWER: Open for Business (OFB) facilitates discussions and helps resolve issues affecting proposed business and other developments during the initial stages of the development process.


What does OFB provide?


ANSWER: OFB provides a unique forum where participants can meet with the city’s OFB team, which consists of senior representatives from various city departments, for an inclusive meeting in an informal setting early in the process. This encourages open dialogue, enabling the participants to address concerns more effectively. This collaborative effort enables the participants to gain valuable insights into navigating the process of starting a business in Branson.


What is the first step in using the OFB Process? 


ANSWER: The first step is submitting complete business information through the Citizen Serve Portal on the city’s website. Within five (5) business days, the Planning and Development Department will review the submission and provide a detailed Comment Report. The more thorough the documentation, the more efficient the process will be. The city encourages applicants to refer to the “Open for Business Information Guide” available on the City’s Planning and Development Page through the city’s website at


What is the second step?


ANSWER: The second step is a meeting with the City’s OFB team, where participants can delve deeper into their business projects and seek additional help. These meetings offer personalized guidance tailored to each venture’s unique needs, whether in-person or virtually. The collaborative nature of these discussions empowers participants to make informed decisions regarding zoning, applications, permits and licenses.


What results can participants expect from the OFB Team meeting?


ANSWER: Upon concluding the OFB meeting, participants should emerge equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to propel their projects forward with maximum efficiency. With insights into zoning regulations and licensing requirements, participants can confidently navigate the next step in the process and have the contact information for all relevant departments.


Do I have to have a business license?


ANSWER: Yes. A final step involves applying for a business license—a crucial requirement for all businesses operating within Branson. The city’s commitment to assisting applicants throughout the licensing process underscores the importance of compliance with state and local regulations.


How committed is the City of Branson to facilitating business growth and economic development?


ANSWER: Extremely so! Branson dedicates itself to promoting business expansion and fostering economic prosperity. Through initiatives like Open for Business, the city remains firm in its commitment to fostering a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. With a collaborative spirit and robust support system, Branson continues to pave the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their visions.


Who can I contact for further information on Open for Business?


ANSWER: The City of Branson Planning and Development Department at 417-337-8549 or visit our web page at


* Please note that even though residential submissions for OFB are rare, the city is happy to review them upon receiving a request.

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