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A new title for Branson?

Branson has long been recognized as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. But, the music mecca may soon carry an additional title.

House Bill 2320 declares Branson to be the Live Entertainment Capital of Missouri.

“In late January, I presented it to the Special Committee on Tourism, noting the uniqueness of the area, emphasizing faith, family, flag and fun,” explained Brian Seitz, State Representative for Missouri District 156. “So many of my sponsored bills cover statewide, and even nationwide issues, I wanted to design legislation that solely focuses on Branson and the lakes region, in general.”

Seitz continued, “Separating us from other tourist destinations, I noted our one-of-a-kind music shows and the variety found within. I spoke of our history and the modern diversity of entertainment, now featuring numerous genres, with an estimated 34,000 plus theater seats. I then spoke of the various lakes and golf courses throughout the region. Entertainment in Branson encompasses shopping, as well, from the Landing to Tanger Outlet to the Mom and Pops. Attractions are also ‘entertainment’ and I spoke of them, as well.”

The bill was heard on the House Floor on March 3, and was perfected. Said Seitz, “Numerous representatives spoke in favor, though there was some small amount of concern about the area’s history. I assured the House that Branson welcomes everyone, and noted our becoming a family vacation destination, the region responsible for almost four billion of the $18 billion that tourism generates in Missouri. Even our convention center outperforms similar venues nationwide.”

“House Bill 2320 will not cost Missourians one penny, but the whole state can prosper, as even more vacationers flock to the area and state,” said Seitz. “The city and the chamber of commerce are in 100 percent support.”

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