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State Rep. Brad Hudson secures $6.2 million for Highway 76 improvements in Branson

State Representative Brad Hudson has successfully secured $6.2 million in funding for Highway 76 improvements in Branson. This significant allocation is aimed at enhancing infrastructure and facilitating safer, more efficient transportation in the area. 

Working closely with House Budget Chairman Cody Smith, Rep. Hudson helped champion the cause for Branson's Highway 76 improvements. 

"When this need was brought to my attention, I immediately called the Budget Chairman, Rep. Cody Smith, and told him we had to get funding for the Branson 76 CID included in the House's budget proposal," Rep. Hudson, R-Cape Fair, said. "As someone who has served on the House Budget committee, I understand the high value that is placed on getting funding in the budget, and I understand how difficult that can be. I am thankful that my experience on the budget committee, and my relationship with Budget Chairman Cody Smith, has helped secure this important funding for the City of Branson. I am excited to see it put to good use." 

This accomplishment highlights Rep. Hudson's commitment to addressing the critical needs of the community and his proactive approach to securing necessary resources for infrastructure development. 

"I am always cognizant of the needs of the 156th District, especially when it comes to state funding for projects across the area,” Rep. Brian Seitz, R-Branson, said. “After meeting with representatives from the 76 Community Improvement District, and hearing about their funding needs, I immediately took the request to Rep. Hudson because I knew his experience on the budget committee would be of paramount importance to securing this vital funding. I am thankful that I could bring this to the attention of Rep. Hudson, and grateful that through his work with Budget Chairman Cody Smith, we were able to get this funding included in the House's budget." 

The $6.2 million allocation underscores the collaborative efforts in the Missouri House of Representatives in ensuring the prosperity and safety of the residents and visitors of Branson. 

Rep. Brad Hudson, a Republican, represents part of Stone and Christian counties, District 138 in the Missouri House of Representatives. Rep. Hudson was elected in November 2018. For more information, please contact Rep. Hudson at 573-751-3851 or by email at

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