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The Ole Seagull: Is a simple 'yes' or 'no' a reasonable expectation from candidates?

An Ole Seagull believes it is along with, in most cases, a rationale for the answer. With the city elections on April 2, 2024, he’s wondering about the candidates’ positions on some crucial issues. Here are a few questions he’d ask each candidate that he believes are essential in terms of where our city is now and the opportunities that presents:


1. “Yes” or “No,” do you have an opinion on the most significant issue facing Branson?


2. If “Yes,” please precisely and succinctly share what that issue is.


3. “Yes” or “No,” do you have a top priority for Branson’s future growth?


4. If the answer to 3 above is “Yes,” please state that priority as concisely and succinctly as possible.


5. “Yes” or “No,” do you have a problem with the current non-elected City Administration and the direction in which it is leading the city?


6. If “Yes,” please state the problem(s) specifically and succinctly.


7. “Yes” or “No,” do you favor the efficient use of financial incentives to help existing Branson businesses expand or revitalize?


8. Whether the answer to 7 above is “Yes” or “No,” please specifically and briefly state the rationale for your answer.


9. “Yes” or “No,” do you favor the efficient use of financial incentives for projects that will substantially increase jobs or tourism in Branson without significantly cannibalizing existing businesses?


10. Whether the answer to 9 above is “Yes” or “No,” please state the rationale for your answer.


11. “Yes” or “No,” do you see a need to balance Branson’s economic growth with preserving its natural resources, cultural heritage and residents’ quality of life?


12. Whether the answer to 11 above is “Yes” or “No,” please, specifically and succinctly, state the rationale for your answer.


13. “Yes” or “No,” if elected, will you engage with your constituents to ensure their voices and priorities are heard?


14. If “Yes,” please state how you will make that happen.


15. “Yes” or “No,” do you have past or current professional or other experience that can bring value to our local government and City Council?


16. If “Yes,” please specifically and briefly state that experience.


17. “Yes” or “No,” do you have any proposals to help attract and keep workers for seasonal employment in Branson’s tourism industry?


18. If “Yes,” please specifically and briefly state what they are.


19. “Yes” or “No,” is Branson’s public transportation system adequate to meet the needs of its residents, tourists and workers and get them where they want to go or need to be?


20. If you answer “No” to 19 above, please state one thing you believe we can do to improve the situation.


21. “Yes” or “No,” do you support using the central theme of “Faith, Family, Flag, and Fun” to market Branson?


“Hey Seagull, those are some halfway decent questions that folks might be interested in. Why don’t you send them to the candidates and publish their responses in next week’s edition?” “Now that’s a great idea. We’ll do just that."

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