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Porch pirates thwarted by new warehousing service near Branson

Branson Warehousing, co-owned by interior designer Holly Jones, provides professional package receiving and warehousing services for small businesses in Greater Branson, Missouri. The new venture assists nearly any business, but it’s uniquely specialized in warehousing for home builders, remodelers, vacation rental property owners, and interior designers who are often not on-site when packages and building materials arrive. This service eliminates the risk of merchandise being stolen or damaged by the elements.

Jones also owns Branson Upstaging, an interior design firm that caters to vacation rental property owners. In working with home builders, property flippers and other decor specialists, she identified a need for warehousing space in the Branson area as a recurring challenge.

“When you’re building or flipping a house, you may not always be on-site to receive shipments such as appliances, fixtures and furniture. And sometimes items arrive at an inconvenient time. Even if you are on-site, you may not have space inside the building to store all your materials until they are ready to use,” she explained. “That means your valuable merchandise could be left outside – exposed to the weather and vulnerable to thieves.”

Branson Warehousing provides a safe place to receive packages and shipments. The staff collects items from delivery drivers, documents them into the inventory, and holds them in the secure facility until clients are ready to retrieve them.

Any brick-and-mortar or home-based business can partner with Branson Warehousing for receiving and storage solutions. Companies can also store extra inventory in this secure warehouse until needed. This is a month-to-month, no-contract, business-to-business service.

About Branson Warehousing: Branson Warehousing is a package receiving and warehousing service near Branson, Missouri. It is conveniently located about three miles south of the Branson Strip, at 162 Industrial Park Dr # A, Hollister, MO 65672. The phone number is 417- 527-0373. The website is

About Branson Upstaging: Holly Jones with Branson Upstaging specializes in residential interior design and vacation rental interior design. She works with local clients in the greater Springfield-Branson MO area as well as remote clients around the United States.

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