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Newly appointed alderman fills Ward 2 vacancy

The City of Branson elected leadership voted this evening to appoint Thomas A. “Artie” Lucas to the vacant alderman position previously held by attorney Cody Fenton. Fenton recently moved out of Ward 2, making him ineligible to finish his term. Alderman Lucas will serve the one year that is remaining on the two-year term.  


Lucas has a long career of accomplishments to include serving two years as a member of the Kansas House of Representatives (1989-1990), three terms as chairman of his home county commission in Kansas, and decades in sales, marketing, management, consulting, banking and insurance. He is also a United States Veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  

“With all my previous experience in both state and local government, and my over 40 years in business, I believe I am bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to this position,” said the new City of Branson Alderman Thomas ‘Artie’ Lucas.


With all the years of high-level career achievements, Lucas is most animated when discussing his roles as Volunteer Chaplain for Cox Medical Center and Volunteer Assistant Chaplain for Branson Fire & Rescue. He is also a Doctor of Divinity and an internationally certified chaplain.

Alderman Lucas and his wife, Nancy, moved to Branson some six years ago to be with family. “We love Branson and the Christian core of the region is what we find most appealing. I am honored to be selected for this appointment and am very interested in doing what I can to help make Branson the best place in the world to live,” concluded ‘Artie’ (preferred name) Lucas.               

The Ward 2 appointment was made by Mayor Larry Milton, with a vote of approval from the board of aldermen. Artie Lucas joins five other elected aldermen serving the City of Branson.    

“We feel so fortunate that Artie is interested in serving our city,” said Branson Mayor Larry Milton. “He’s a businessman, former legislator, a Veteran, and he is highly principled. Additionally, Artie and his wife are very engaged in Branson area activities. I also want to mention that he’s a very personable individual – we believe he will make a terrific alderman,” concluded the mayor.      

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