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Legends Gymnastics Academy gymnasts and coaches enjoy successful camp

The gymnasts at Hollister's Legends Gymnastics Academy realized a rare opportunity last weekend to receive instruction from an Olympic Gymnastics Coach.


Tammy Biggs visited Legends Gymnastics over the weekend where she trained and instructed both the gymnasts and their coaches.


Biggs has worked as a Women's Artistic National Team coach since 1986 and has worked with every national team for the past 36 years. Biggs, the co-author of the Women's TOPS program, which identifies the most talented in U.S. gymnasts, is a coach, mentor and educator. She has acted as a consultant for the USA Gymnastics Women's Development Program on compulsory routines. She was the personal coach to Olympian Missy Marlowe and has attended every Olympics since 1988.  


Biggs travels to 15 to 20 camps each year, where she works one-on-one with both gymnasts and coaches to strengthen the sport of gymnastics at all levels.


"My daughter has been looking forward to this camp since she found out Tammy was coming to our gym," said Tiffany, of her 10-year-old gymnast Mattison. "She came home excited every day and even though the camp was long hours and strenuous, she was excited to return each morning. Each day she came home excited to tell us about the new skills she was learning."


Tiffany continued, "As a parent, I was lucky to get to watch several hours of the practice while taking photos for the gym. It was exciting to see the girls get to interact with a coach that has as much experience and knowledge as Tammy does. My daughter aspires to move up and compete at a collegiate level one day, so I think this was a great experience for the girls to see higher level skills and practices and encourage them to keep pursuing their dreams."


Connie McBroom, Director and Head Coach at Legends Gymnastics Academy noted, "It was an honor to have someone like Tammy take an interest in our gymnasts. She travels all over the country visiting different gyms, training and observing the talent that is out there. For her to come here and train with these young ladies was amazing. She found the talent she was looking for not only in gymnasts but also in our coaching staff. I've trained with Tammy many times as a National Team Coach and for my Olympic Coaching certification. She knows exactly how to break down every skill so the gymnasts understand exactly what they are doing wrong. She was able to take that technique and train my coaching staff the same technique."


McBroom added, "She has promised a follow-up visit to ensure that the training we are doing is up to the standards set by USA Gymnastics." 

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