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Jeep Branson 2024 was fun for all

Branson was the site of an exciting Jeep Expo last weekend at the Branson Convention Center. Dubbed Jeep Branson 2024, the event brought thousands of Jeeps—and their owners—to Branson for three days of fun.


The weekend events included a pre-party at the Branson Ferris Wheel, a vendor showcase, a TexPlex Full Moon Night Ride, a party at Summit Nightlife, a Show N Shine, a Jeep Parking Lot Party, and lots of live music, raffles, food and fun.   


The highlight of Jeep Branson 2024 was the Jeep parade that ran through the Branson Landing, with thousands lined up to enjoy Jeeps of all kinds and colors!


The Jeep Expo also featured the world's largest rubber duck, located in the Branson Convention Center parking lot throughout the event, garnering nearly as much attention as the Jeeps themselves. The duck was representative of a movement popular with Jeep owners known as Jeep Ducking—a tradition where Jeep owners place rubber ducks on other Jeeps as a friendly gesture and a way to show kindness and connect with other Jeep owners.


Even Branson's Titanic Museum attraction joined the fun when several large ducks appeared in the water surrounding the ship.


Many Jeeps also participated in an unofficial cruise of Branson 76 Country Boulevard on Sunday afternoon, as the Jeeps and their owners bid farewell to Branson.   


Many Jeep owners commented on the fun they had during the weekend event, noting that they hope Jeep Branson becomes an annual event.

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