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JATC hosts 'Reading Around the Campfire' for area children

The Junior Auxiliary of Taney County recently held an event to encourage summer reading.


"One of the organization's projects, 'Celebrate Reading,' is designed to provide easy access to books for children, especially those living in extended stay hotels," explained JATC's Sheryl Schiller. "The organization supplies book libraries for children of all ages at various locations in the community. Volunteers take a new collection of books to each location once a month. Children and parents are encouraged to explore and enjoy the variety of available books. Children can 'borrow' the books for as long as they want. The volunteers are thrilled when a child finds a favorite book they can't part with."


In conjunction with “Celebrate Reading,” the JATC recently hosted “Reading Around the Campfire.” Held on June 1, “Reading Around the Campfire” was created to spark children's interest in a variety of camping-related activities, thereby encouraging reading throughout the summer.


Said Schiller, "There were a variety of activities. Stephanie Callahan with Callahan Entertainment led the children and parents in several sing-along campfire songs, and Jordan Poe from the Missouri Department of Conservation brought a bear pelt, bear skull and several realistic samples of bear tracks. Children learned and practiced four basic knots frequently used when camping. They also learned how to create a weather vane and enjoyed some craft activities like designing wood necklaces and rock painting."


The children, pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, also enjoyed participating in an obstacle course.


The event was held in the Community Room at Branson Tri-Lakes News.


"JATC is thankful to have generous sponsors for this event," noted Schiller. "Central Bank provided the funding for the event and allowed JATC to provide every child attending with new books to take home. Dollar Bill also greeted the children and participated in many activities. JATC is also thankful to Camping World at the Missouri Department of Conservation for their contributions."


The Junior Auxiliary of Taney County is a nonprofit organization that works to serve the needs of the children in the Taney County area. Founded in 1997, the JAT is a part of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries.

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