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Hundreds of vehicles auctioned off at weekend event

The Branson Convention Center was the site of the Branson Auction's spring event, held Friday and Saturday. The popular auto auction offers hundreds of muscle cars, sports cars, classic and unique vehicles for sale, and collectors converge on Branson for the popular auction that got its start four decades ago.  

Founded by Mark Trimble, the Branson Auction was purchased by Jim Cox in 1988, and Jim and his wife Kathy continue providing excellent service to car collectors from around the world. The Branson Auction offers the area's largest collection of cars for sale under one roof. The Branson Auction is one of the most well-respected and longest-running automobile auction events worldwide.

Jim and Cathy Cox host The Branson Auction twice each year—in April and October. For them, the Branson Auction is an extension of their favorite pastime of collecting, restoring and having fun with cars.

Cox is also a tremendous supporter of the community. Not only does he encourage those who attend his auctions to visit Branson's many shows and attractions, but a portion of funds raised at each auction is earmarked for one of the area's nonprofit organizations. It is Jim's way of giving back to the city he loves.

The Branson Auction's next event is set for October 18 and 19, 2024, at the Branson Convention Center.

For more information on the Branson Auction, visit their website,


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