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Full throttle ahead for downtown campground and vehicle park

At its April 5, 2024, meeting, the Branson Planning Commission approved a resolution granting a Special Use Permit for the of Full Throttle Distillery & Smokehouse to operate a campground and vehicle park on the property at 111 E. Atlantic Street, known locally as the “Old Morris Oil lot” at the junction of E. Atlantic and N. Sycamore.


The staff report recommending approval of the Special Use Permit said, “The proposed campground will accommodate approximately (19) nineteen RV camping sites, provide additional lodging options for the area, and repurpose an under-utilized lot within the downtown district. The increased foot traffic the campground may generate could also benefit the nearby retail, commercial and restaurant establishments.


“As part of the campground development, the applicant is proposing additional landscaping, decorative fencing, resurfacing of the lot, and an electronic check-in/out. The existing building on site will also be repurposed/remodeled into a distillery and general storage space for the associated Full Throttle Distillery and Smokehouse Restaurant, located just a block to the south of this property.


“A Campground and Vehicle use is an allowed use in the D (Downtown) zoning district with the approval of a Special Use Permit. The Branson Municipal Code describes the Downtown District as a place intended to maintain and enhance the city’s downtown as a thriving and charming mixed-use activity center. In the Downtown District, the historic character should be protected and celebrated while providing flexibility for new investment and development that complements the character of the downtown and adjacent neighborhoods.”


The resolution authorizes the Director of Planning and Development to issue a Special Use Permit for the project upon certification by the appropriate departments of the City that the following conditions have been met:


1. The installation and activities covered by the Special Use Permit shall be in accordance with all applicable city, state and federal requirements; and


2. Any recreational vehicle shall not occupy any campsite longer than nine months within a twelve (12) month period, and the number of occupants within each recreational vehicle shall not exceed the limits established by the manufacturer or the building codes adopted by the City; and


3. The alley located north of the subject property shall be improved to meet the City of Branson Municipal Codes and Design standards.


4. If all conditions of this resolution authorizing the issuance of this Special Use Permit are not acted upon on or before April 2, 2025, this Special Use Permit Shall be null and void.


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