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Freedom Encounter season opens April 19; new exhibits coming soon

Freedom Encounter Theater, located at 3220 Falls Parkway in Branson, will open the 2024 season of the Freedom Journey Show with a 2 p.m. performance on Friday, April 19. Make plans now to enjoy this inspirational presentation, which follows the progression of tyranny and freedom from the beginnings of recorded history to the present and reminds audiences about the importance of preserving the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S.


The Freedom Journey Show incorporates live music, live performers, video presentations and interviews, and holographic historical figures to create a unique experience the whole family will enjoy. New this season, audiences will enjoy enhancements via the new video wall, a larger hologram screen, and a closer stage feel.


Darren and Tammy Myers and their hard-working staff, advisory team and volunteers are also excited about progress on new exhibits and a new educational presentation slated to open during the 2024 season. “The Freedom Journey Experience” will include the same historical elements of the Freedom Journey Show, in an educational setting designed for smaller audiences such as church youth or school groups. Following a video introduction in a new 30-seat theater, groups will proceed to the newly constructed Colonial Church exhibit adjacent to the main lobby, where they will enter the pews to hear sermon excerpts from American Revolution-era and Great Awakening preachers.


The Freedom Journey Experience will next move to the new Colonial Schoolhouse, where they will sit at authentic school desks and benches as a live teacher in period costume presents an overview of the U.S. founding documents. Groups will then return to the small theater for a closing video presentation.


Make plans now for your school group to attend Student Day, a special 10 a.m. show on May 3; and follow the progress on the new exhibits on Facebook or at, where you’ll also find a complete season calendar. For ticket information, visit the website or call 417-544-0372.

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