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'Don't worry, be happy!'

Yes, this is much easier said than done, but no matter how hard it is, we must train ourselves to not be chronic worriers!


There are two categories of worriers…the “Trainables” and the “Untrainables (a.k.a. Lost Causes).


There is hope for the Trainables as there are a few ways to change their destructive habit. You can do it through simple Logic.  You have to ask questions such as these:


1. How realistic is this worry? If it is only 50 percent likely to occur, you just forget about it after coming up with a solution or a way around it.

2. Does worrying about it make me healthier or happier?

3. Does worrying about it make the object of the concern any better off? If the answer is “no,” then don’t let yourself go down that path as it is quite foolish.


Know that “worry” is probably the quickest annihilator of our mental and physical health. Peace and contentment (like oxygen to our brains) help to release endorphins that augment our immune systems. Worry and stress will be a peace/joy stealer to our bodies; hence, disease can and will invade!


PTSS will cause constant worry because with this syndrome you can never relax or enjoy anything as you have a real fear of trouble swooping down on you at any given moment. You are convinced that nothing will ever turn out good for you, again.


Just to name a few maladies that are off shoots from worry:


·       Cardiovascular issues

·       Swallowing disorders

·       Constipation

·       Sleep disorders

·       Poor appetite/indigestion

·       Cortisol issues (Addison’s Disease)

·       Autoimmune disorders

·       …The list goes on!


The Untrainable worrier is truly a lost cause because “worry” is simply their “drug of choice.” These folks most likely grew up in a poverty ridden homestead. If you were dirt poor like everyone was during certain times, they became conditioned and accustomed to everything going wrong each time to where they came to expect failure and chaos. This type of worry shares the disorder of PTSS where you simply cannot relax. You take this a step further and you are addicted to worry. You have had so much negativity in your life for so long, you don’t know how to manage without it, so you, therefore, depend on “worry” just as you count on your morning cup of coffee to jumpstart your day. Worry is what gets you going, so when you do not have it, you manufacture it.

These are truly pathological cases that will take long-term therapy to “detox.” I truly feel compassion for these people, but truly become aggravated with them, simultaneously, as they thrive on stealing the joy from us by trying to make us become as sick as they are. They say things to us such as, “If you had love in you, you would be worried the same as me!” They don’t realize that having love means to trust God to handle it as He deems necessary and appropriate, thus “faith conquers all!” God doesn’t need helpers and unless we choose “concern” rather than “worry” and dabble in it in very abbreviated doses, we aren’t very smart beings.

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