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Branson secures $6.2 million to improve 76 Entertainment District

The City of Branson and the 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District (76ECID) announce the final approval of $6.2 million in state funding for West 76 improvements. Governor Mike Parson recently signed the Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) state operating and capital improvement budget bills, with the $6.2 million earmarked for “all expenditures associated with the planning, design and construction of infrastructure improvements” of Branson’s 76 Entertainment District. *

This funding, focusing on improvements from the Branson Ferris Wheel to Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, is the result of months of diligence, hard work and tenacity of the region’s elected officials to include Representative Brian Seitz, Representative Brad Hudson, Senator Karla Eslinger and others; volunteers of the 76ECID Board; stakeholders of the project to include business and landowners along the route; and City of Branson staff.

“The 76ECID Board of Directors is immensely grateful for this show of support from the State of Missouri,” said Ann McDowell, communications liaison for the 76ECID. “This project is one of the largest public-private economic development efforts in Missouri. With help from many supporters and advocates, we were able to show that our proven, revenue-producing, community-supported project was worth the investment,” said McDowell. 

The 76 Entertainment District revitalization project was launched in 2012 when the City of Branson prioritized improvements to West Highway 76 in a comprehensive planning process. Thereafter, the 76 Conceptual Master Plan was approved (2014) concentrating on enhanced pedestrian safety, improving the District’s visual appeal, water line volume and reliability, plus a relocation of all utilities underground. The first segment, completed in 2022, extends mid-corridor from Presley’s Country Jubilee to the Branson Ferris Wheel. 

Two additional segments are nearly ready to break ground, with the design from the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway to Gretna Road 90% complete. Construction should begin in early 2025.

It’s important to remember the significant role that tourism in the Branson region holds in Missouri,” said Mayor of Branson, Larry Milton.“Missouri Division of Tourism reports show us among the top destinations in the state. By working together, our Branson area partners are helping both Branson and the State of Missouri grow and prosper,” concluded the mayor. 

* House Bill 20; Section 20.1090

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