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Branson Globe readers honor Dad

Father's Day is fast approaching. The third Sunday in June is set aside to honor the fathers and father-figures in our lives. This year Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 16, and Branson Globe readers shared their thoughts about Dad.


"Happy Father's Day to the best dad anyone could ask for," said Anna Lee. "He has always worked hard to provide for our family and made sure, with the help of my mama, that all the bills were paid, as well as food on our table. My dad is now in his 80s, but when he greets you, it's still with that honest handshake. Some days I hear stories I have heard before, but I act like it's new and the first time. Dad has truly blessed me and I believe the best is yet to come."


Anna Lee's sister, Heather, echoed those thoughts. Said Heather, "I have been blessed with the most amazing dad anyone could ever ask for. Always there when I need him. Even though I am an adult, I still need my daddy. Always a hard worker and provider. You don't really appreciate that until you are an adult. He is also the best grandpa to my daughter. Happy Father's Day to the best! Love you, Daddy!"


Of her father, Linda noted "My dad was patient, loving, a great teacher, and he was also a great jokester. He loved to pull pranks on us. Miss him—he's been gone nine years now."


Said Debra, "My dad is turning 95 this week. He has always been my hero. He is smart, loving and remembers a lot of things from his life. I hate watching him age. It breaks my heart to think of losing him. I love my daddy."

Tracie shared memories of her dad, noting, "My dad, my mentor and best friend. The smartest, most loving man that I've ever known. He taught me to work hard, be honest and to always be kind to others. He was always willing to help others. He worked hard and did what he loved. There were six of us children, and he took very good care of each and every one of us. He was the best father that anyone could ask for. He's been gone for several years and I miss him dearly. If I could tell him something today, I would tell him how much I love him."


Cliff said of his father, "Things my dad taught me: 'Son, in everything you do, be a man. Don't be afraid to be on the losing side, if it's the right side. When people tell you, you have no choice, don't believe them. A man always has a choice. You may not like the options you have, but you always have a choice. Never disgrace your God, your family or your country. Don't dwell on the problem, focus on the solution. There are worse things to lose than life. One of them is your integrity. Always look a man in the eye. Never let fear be the only reason you don't do something. A man provides for his family. When you see unruly children, know that the father is a weak man. As a man, you are responsible for your family. Provide, protect and defend them with your very life. God will judge you on these things if you don't. Thanks, Dad!"


Genia thinks of her husband on Father's Day. Said Genia, "My husband is an angel now, but he taught us patience and love and that the Chiefs would one day win. He was a Super Fan since 1986! He got to see them win the Super Bowl two times before he died. Those of us left behind watched them win a third time and we knew he was smiling from heaven. My husband taught me faith. No matter how long it takes, no matter what they say about you, hang in there. When it seemed impossible, he still hung on. I can never teach my children the patience and love he taught them. With just the Chiefs alone—amazing resilience!"


Becky P. shared, "My dad was my step-dad and so wonderful. He taught me to bass fish and took me on a great fishing trip after I lost a baby. He was a terrific example of a really good person and the most loving, kind and honorable man. Alzheimer's got him in his 80s but he never forgot love and sweetness. It was a perfect accident for me to be his daughter. Love you, Papaw!"


Said Becky B., "My thoughts would be on the legacy they leave. My mother's father died long before I was born. He worked for GM. He was tasked with trying to make vehicles safer. He would not only crash cars, but would be on call with the Michigan State Police to see accidents and how they affected various sized people. Before infant seats were required, my mom had us in them. When they passed the seatbelt law, I was shocked. The way my mom made us buckle up, I truly believed seatbelts were required by law and it was punishable by jail time! To this day, if there is a seatbelt, I will use it. That man that I never met impacted my life. That man my children never met has sure impacted them. Good fathers leave a legacy of caring."


Clint noted, "My dad was a man's man. His life lessons to me were faith, love of family, integrity and fishing.  My most memorable father-son talks were during our countless fishing trips over the years. My greatest compliment I've ever gotten was from my older sister when she said, 'Brother, you remind me of Dad.' That was awesome!"


Headline entertainer Doug Gabriel said of his dad Don, "I am overwhelmed at just how much God blessed me in giving me Don Gabriel as my father. He was a man much like David in the Bible, as he was a man after God's own heart. He walked with Jesus every day and impacted not only his entire family and friends but this community as well. I miss my dad every day, but look forward to our reunion in heaven. Happy Father's Day, Dad.  I love you very much!"


After receiving Doug Gabriel's touching tribute to his father, I reached out to Doug's daughter, Jasmine, who proudly shared her thoughts on her own father. "My Dad is the best dad in the world," said Jasmine.  You hear that statement often in this world, but for me, that statement couldn't be any more true. He truly is the best dad in the whole world. As a little girl, he would always make up the silliest of games and play them with me—my favorite game being when I would put a blanket over his head and run him into walls. I would laugh so hard to where I couldn't even breathe! Fast forward to adulthood. He's still there for me, just in different ways. He always prays for me and my family, is always there when I need him, and is still making me laugh by doing the silliest of things. I'm so thankful to God that He blessed me with the dad I have!"


Former Branson Mayor Karen Best shared loving thoughts on her father. Said Karen, "My dad is my hero. He leads by example. He is compassionate, empathetic and my biggest cheerleader. I'll never forget the night of the Duck Boat tragedy, which was the worst night of my life. He was there with a shoulder for me to cry on. He was there with wisdom and knowledge in how to care for the grieving families. I looked up that evening, and he was taking a little boy's socks to the bathroom to dry them out for him so he would not have to keep wet socks on for the rest of the evening. Anyone who knows my dad knows he is a man of faith. He personifies 'What Would Jesus Do?' I don't need a bracelet to remind me of that phrase. I only need to look at my dad, and I know what Jesus would do. I am grateful to have a dad who grounds me on every level. As a teenager, that meant taking my keys away. As an adult, it means guiding me through life to make the right decisions and standing by me when I stray from what is right. He gently guides me down the right path in life. He started life as a high school dropout, and went on to earn a GED, two bachelor's degrees, a master’s degree and a doctorate. What a role model for education. I am grateful and blessed for this amazing dad. Love you, Daddy, so very much!"


The staff of the Branson Globe wishes each dad a very Happy Father's Day!

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