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The joys of motherhood, according to readers

With Mother's Day fast approaching, the Branson Globe asked several area moms to share what they believed to be the best part of being a mom.


Jen noted, "Watching my two boys grow and explore the world around them. Enjoying every milestone and new discovery they make every day. Cherishing all the moments, snuggles, hugs, kisses. I am extremely proud that I am their mommy for life and am honored to be called their mom. They are my biggest accomplishment in life."


Said Heather, "Well, I guess it's the journey we take every day together. Watching her grow into everything she can be. Encouraging her as much as I can but also letting her grow into what Jesus wants her to be. It seems the years just fly by. I miss those baby years, but these teen years are pretty amazing, too."


Lee recalled the time her children were newborn, noting, "When you look in the eyes of that tiny person as the nurse lays them in your arms and it takes your breath away. You realize that you never thought you could ever love someone so much. The growing years, though both rewarding and challenging, fill your heart with pride. As adults, you become best friends. The bond between mother and child is unbreakable. In later years, the roles can change, and a mother would hope that all the unselfish, long hours of caring for your child will be returned with love and caregiving from child to mother. There is no greater joy than the gift of being a mother."


Julie shared her thoughts, "When you are a young mom, it's those adoring eyes, the little tight hugs, the 'I love you Mommy' and being needed. When they are grown, the best part then is grandchildren!"


Said Karen, "At my stage in life, the best part of being a mom is watching my children, and now my grandchildren, become loving, caring parents. It makes all the days of hurt, pain, disappointment, worry and all the nights of many tears and much prayer seem to fade into a distant memory. The best part of being a mom is simply, being a mom."


Mara, a mother of many and now a grandmother, said, "It's hard for me to say what is the best part of being a mom. I absolutely love being a mother. I love the snuggles and kisses with the little ones, the hugs and conversations with the older kids, the giggles and smiles and even the opportunity to share in the tears and heartache that comes as they experience life. It is such a rich, full life. I think one of the things I love the most, however, is just watching them grow—seeing their delight and satisfaction as they learn new things. From the little one just starting to play and smile, learning to crawl or take their first steps, to tying their shoes, learning to make their favorite food or tackling that difficult piano piece to learning to see the world and the people around them with compassion and increasing wisdom. And, finally becoming capable adults and even parents who love to watch their own children grow. It is such an amazing process."


"The adventure never ends," continued Mara. "It is replete with soul-stretching ups and downs, joys and sorrows. That opposition is what makes love deeper, more satisfying. I think it gives us a tiny taste of how God, our Father, must feel, watching us learn to love and sacrifice for one another, increasing our own joy in the joy of those we love!"


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