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Blade Aces precision action sports hosts competition in Missouri

Blade Aces, a leading force in the world of knife throwing, proudly announces the exciting “Game of Throws” knife and tomahawk throwing competition August 23-25 with an 8:30 a.m. daily start, at 245 Tara Court in Forsyth, Missouri. Open to the public, see world champion knife throwers compete live as well as challenge yourself as a newcomer.


Melody Joy Valerious, Thomas Blade Aces co-CEO, 12-time world champion and six-time world record holder promises an event that will captivate fans and ignite their passion for knife throwing. “We are excited to bring our competition to Missouri for the first time and plan to be here for a long time. Whether you throw every day or will be picking up a knife for the first time, join us for three days of knife and axe throwing. It is an incredibly welcoming and educational experience.”


Ron Thomas, co-CEO and former world champion added, “We are pleased to continue to set the standard for competitive knife throwing and seek to introduce new throwers to the sport.”


Entry fees for competitors are $120 for pros and $80 for amateurs. There is free entry and free parking for spectators. For more information, please visit


About Blade Aces

Blade Aces is an organization with one mission in mind: To design, create and build the most professional, standardized, and fun precision projectile sports organization in the world. Designed by professional competitors for professional competitors, the Blade Aces organization is a non-political, nonprofit entity that does not shy away from committing to competition from all over the world.

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