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Veterans Memorial Garden damaged

A weekend accident caused damage to a beautiful Branson landmark.


The Veterans Memorial Garden suffered damage when a pickup truck struck the block wall surrounding the garden and came to rest in the garden itself. Many of the plants in the exquisite garden were damaged or destroyed.


The Veterans Memorial Garden, located at the corner of 76 Country Boulevard and Roark Valley Road is a touching tribute to all who served our country. What began as a piece of land covered in weeds and rocks became a beautiful place to honor veterans of all branches of the service. Created by Korean War Veteran and Master Gardener Ben Kinel and friends, the garden attracts hundreds of visitors each year.


Throughout the garden, among the flora and greenery, are a number of statues and plaques honoring our nation's veterans. It is a place to remember, to reflect and to pay homage to those who gave so much for our freedoms.


Visionary and creator Ben Kinel passed away in 2021, at the age of 93, but the beauty of the Veterans Memorial Garden continues. Jana Evans serves as the administrator of the Veterans Memorial Garden, and along with a host of dedicated volunteers, maintains the garden, so that it might be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.


The Veterans Memorial Garden is supported solely through donations. Damage such as the garden sustained over the weekend is costly. Donations to restore the garden would be greatly appreciated at this time. Donations can be dropped off at the yellow Giving Box located on the grounds of the garden.


For more information on the Veterans Memorial Garden, including other ways to donate or to volunteer your time at the garden, contact Jana Evans at 417-294-5092 or via email at

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