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Ten special students commence from Barnabas Prep Program

BY K.D. MICHAELS, Staff Writer


May is the time of year that many schools hold commencement ceremonies, and Barnabas Prep is no exception. A total of ten students graduated from Barnabas Prep on May 11.


"Barnabas Prep is a collegiate, Christ-centered program designed to equip young adults with disabilities to achieve high levels of independence," explained Sandy Miller, Senior Prep Director at Barnabas Prep. "Classes include job skills, independent living skills, social skills, and health and fitness."


Barnabas Prep, with approximate have undergraduate degrees in special education.  


"One teacher has her master's in special education and the other has her master's degree in autism," noted Sandy.  


Of the ten students who commenced from Barnabas Prep on May 11, most had attended two years, but some had remained in the program up to four years.


Guest speakers at Barnabas Prep graduation ceremony included J.P. Sells from Diversified Freedom; two parent speakers, Connie Trower and John Bowman; and two student speakers Katie Berrey and Lily Crockett.


The Barnabas Prep Commencement was held at the Kanakuk Neighborhood on Branson's Timberlake Road. 

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