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Speaker of the House visits Branson

The Missouri Speaker of the House of Representatives spoke to a gathering of Branson leaders last week.


Dean Plocher, Missouri's Speaker of the House, addressed Branson officials, area business owners and community leaders during his presentation.


Plocher, who hails from Des Peres, Missouri, spoke on a variety of topics.  


"Plocher touted the fiscally conservative budget that passed, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the omnibus veterans bill (particularly dealing with veteran suicide) and increasing teacher salaries," explained State Representative Brian Seitz. "He also spoke about the breakdown of the Senate in the final days as stopping good legislation, including the Initiative Petition Reform Act."


The two State Representatives from our area, Representative Brian Seitz (156th District) and Representative Brad Hudson (138th District), also spoke of their recent individual successes, which included Seitz's "Missouri Small Business Protection Act" and the collaboration between Hudson and Seitz to get $6.2 million in the budget for the Hwy 76 renovation in the CID.


Speaker of the House Plocher spoke highly of both Representative Seitz and Representative Hudson, calling them "two of the most conservative members in the House." Plocher also commended both Seitz and Hudson on their ability to "pass good legislation."


Said Plocher, "Relationship building is key to the passage of bills, and Seitz and Hudson know and exemplify this."


Following Plocher's presentation, Representative Seitz said he received very positive feedback from those in attendance.


"Great response," said Seitz. "People were appreciative that I, and Representative Hudson, had invited the Speaker to Branson and were thankful for the legislative update."


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