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Reader's Corner: Stay informed about Launch Stone County

Have you ever wondered about economic development in the local Stone County area? How does it relate to issues around the county such as transportation, employee availability and seasonal tourism?


If you’ve ever found any of these topics confusing, you’ll want to join Kyle Cook, Economic Development Director at the Table Rock Chamber of Commerce, for Learning on Wednesday at Kimberling Area Library on Wednesday, May 8. You’ll gain valuable information about a five-year economic development strategic plan called Launch Stone County. Created in 2023, the initiative involves over 150 Stone County residents. The Chamber has raised over $1.25M to implement the plan, which covers critical issues facing our county.


This informative program begins at 10 a.m. in the Library community room. Coffee and light snacks are provided; pre-registration is not required; and attendance is FREE for this informal event. Community participation in this important forum is welcomed and encouraged!


For more information about Learning on Wednesday and other educational and fun programs at KAL, visit

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