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Prepare to be amazed by The Haygoods: Branson's must-see family show

If you plan a trip to Branson, Missouri, one show you absolutely cannot miss is The Haygoods. Prepare to be amazed. This incredibly talented family has entertained audiences in Branson for decades with its high-energy performances, impressive musicianship, and incredible special effects.


The Haygoods are known for amazing special effects. (Photo submitted)

The Haygoods are a multi-talented family of singers, dancers and musicians who seamlessly blend country, rock, pop, bluegrass and more into an unforgettable live show experience. With soaring vocals, mind-blowing instrumentals, and cutting-edge production values, they bring a whole new level of entertainment to the Branson stage.


What makes their show unique is the genuine family connection and chemistry on stage. You can feel the joy and passion radiating from each member as they play off one another’s talents; it’s pure entertainment magic!


This world-class family act had humble beginnings as performers at Silver Dollar City, Branson’s most popular attraction. The Haygoods gained a devoted local following as word spread about their incredible shows. Before long, they launched their own theater show that quickly became one of Branson’s hottest entertainment attractions.


Today, The Haygoods Show has a permanent home at the prestigious Clay Cooper Theater on the iconic 76 Strip in Branson. This beautiful theater provides the perfect backdrop for their spectacular production, allowing the special effects, choreography and musicality to shine. It’s family entertainment taken to a new level, blending superb musicianship and side-splitting humor with moments of incredible poignancy. One minute, you’re doubled over with laughter, and the next, your jaw is on the floor after witnessing a fantastic display of musical genius or innovative special effects.


Speaking of special effects, get ready for your mind to be completely blown. The Haygoods spare no expense to create an atmosphere that is simply mesmerizing. Lights, lasers, pyrotechnics, amazing multimedia—it’s a full sensory overload that leaves audiences in a state of wonderment. The Haygoods, known around the world for their creativity in custom engineering and designing amazing special effects, are taking things to an entirely new level in 2024. The Haygoods are rolling out one of the only indoor drone light shows in the world for 2024! It’s an extraordinary sight to behold and one of the coolest things you will ever see!


The Haygoods 2024 show is not just about music; it’s a technological marvel. Introducing a life-size hologram marks a first in Branson, offering fans a chance to relive the magic of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and many more. “Our indoor drone light show is the first in the world,” said Timothy Haygood. He points out that the use of drones adds a futuristic touch to the performance, creating visuals that have never been seen before in live entertainment.


At the core, however, is this family’s astounding musical talent. Their skills are second to none, whether it’s soaring vocal harmonies, dueling violins, thunderous percussions, or creative musical mashups.


The Haygoods absolutely shine during their legendary Christmas show as well. Combining the high-energy entertainment of their standard show with beloved holiday classics and dazzling Christmas decorations, it’s an absolute must for families visiting Branson during Ozark Mountain Christmas.


One thing that makes The Haygoods show so enchanting is the warm Ozark hospitality on display. This family deeply connects to the Branson community, built over many years of performing. From the whimsical set designs featuring iconic Ozarks imagery to the appreciative stories about local heritage shared from the stage, this is quintessential Branson charm and entertainment rolled into one unforgettable show. You’ll feel that closeness and appreciation flowing from the stage in how they interact with audiences. It’s all part of the Haygoods experience that makes you feel you’re part of the family fun.


For the incredible quality of entertainment and production values, The Haygoods show is an absolute steal in terms of value. Between the music, laughs, showmanship, and amazing effects, you certainly get your money’s worth and then some. Unsurprisingly, The Haygoods consistently sell out shows, with many guests returning year after year to experience the fresh updates and set lists.


If you’re visiting Branson and looking for a can’t-miss show experience, clear your schedule for The Haygoods. From start to finish, The Haygoods will amaze, dazzle, entertain and leave you with memories that will stay with you forever. Avoid disappointment and get your tickets in advance now at or by calling call 417-339-4663.

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