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Petition now complete for senior real estate tax freeze

Taney County resident Josh Smith announced on March 13 that he and a group of supportive volunteers have successfully gathered the required number of signatures on a petition to place SB 190 Senior Property Tax Freeze before Taney County voters in August for approval.

Smith, who is also a candidate for Taney County Assessor, submitted the petition to the County Clerk for certification on Friday, March 15.

Because the progress of the real estate property tax freeze approval in several counties has generated statewide interest, KY3 News was on hand to cover the delivery.

Smith has voiced numerous concerns about inaction on the part of the Taney County Commission concerning this crucial tax relief for the county’s seniors. Some area seniors moved to the area for retirement, others have enjoyed the Ozarks for decades; but a common denominator for many is having to manage on a fixed income that hasn’t kept pace with inflation.

“The Commissioners have had since May 2023, to do the right thing for seniors,” said Smith in a press release. “It’s just that simple. Everyone is hurting from rampant inflation, and it’s time to put taxpayers first. Seniors, and everyone else, are being taxed out of their homes, and they need help.”

Smith believes the verification of signatures on the petition by the Taney County Clerk should be a swift, straightforward process, as he has already checked many of the signatures to ensure they represent properly registered voters. He has also taken initiative to provide the ballot language for the ordinance voters will be asked to approve, saying there is no justification for the Commission to engage in any semantics.

“The residents of Taney County have the right to vote on this ordinance, and it is the county’s statutory obligation to uphold that right,” he said. “We eagerly anticipate the August election, as the time is now to provide real relief for our deserving seniors.” Smith has requested to be informed if the Commission places discussion of the tax freeze or the proposed ballot language on an upcoming meeting agenda, and he encourages area residents to voice their opinions during the public comment time.

Smith said he has worked hard and fought for seniors with this petition and will continue to put taxpayers first if elected County Assessor. Call 417-334-3872 for more information.

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