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Melissa Ryan 'Canvasing the Heart' exhibit open at SMAC Art Center

In its upcoming art exhibit, Southern Missouri Arts Connection (SMAC) will be featuring the work of Melissa Ryan of Northern Arkansas. The exhibit will run through April 27 at the SMAC Art Center gallery on 7 Downing Street in Hollister.

Ryan is an abstract expressionist digital painter. Digital oils are her choice of medium which are expressed on canvas for the exhibit. Due to the abstract nature of her work, each viewer is allowed their own unique interpretation. She pours her heart into each piece. “The titles of my artwork give my intent of emotion,” she said, “but I want those who see my work to interpret it in their own way.”

Each month during their exhibits, SMAC highlights one of the many local nonprofit organizations that serves the area. This month SMAC is drawing attention to the fine work of Elevate Branson, which addresses the root causes of generational poverty to create lasting change. They provide resources, relationships and a network of support that provides hope, dignity and purposeful work.

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