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Love and Parenting

“When one has fully entered the realm of love, the world-no matter how imperfect - becomes rich and beautiful.  It consists solely of opportunities for love.”  

Soren Kierkegaard, Works of Love


Humanity did not create love…we partake in love.  


Understanding this is important because it allows us to recognize that love is not limited by our individual experiences or circumstances. Love exists independently and universally, and it has the power to connect us all. God connects us all. God is love. 


If we want to experience the fullness of love, we must acknowledge that love is an entity of its own and that the power of love is not contingent on our ability to perform as imperfect humans.  


We were made for relational things. We were made to love and serve and inspire one another. Inevitably each human life will come to an end. We will leave our spirit behind us in the love or lack of love that we have given to our fellow man. Life will continue to move and grow and change thousands of years after we leave this earth. But love… Love continues.


Love continues to change and shape the world. Love continues to soften the heart and heal the mind. Love continues to turn our eyes to the sky to search the heavens and the spirit world beyond them. Love remains.  What will they say about you when you die? Will they say that you are a fighter? Will they say that you were a wealthy business woman? Will they say that you were abusive? Will they say that sadly your life was wasted on addiction? Many, many years from now when I’ve seen my great grandchildren, I want them to say that hers was a life well lived. Heather opened her heart and her soul to the higher things and everyone who crossed her path was inspired. She continued to change and grow and evolve and become until the day she died. Heather loved God and she loved her family. What do you want them to say about you?


“Love is a journey not a destination.”


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