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Locations for signing tax freeze petition in Stone County

Stone County volunteers working on a petition to place a property tax freeze question on an upcoming ballot report that the number of signatures is growing, but more are needed before the July goal, to allow time for verification.


Denise Tomanek, who is coordinating the effort in Stone County, said voters can sign the petition at several businesses around the county:

·       By Grace Hair Salon, Blue Eye

·       The Hop, Blue Eye

·       Stonebridge Welcome Center, Branson West

·       The Filling Station, Lampe

·       Blue Eye Saturday Market—there will be two booths with petitions

·       Southwest Fitness, Branson West

·       Schooner Bay Landing—petitions are in the office building

·       Home Tax and Accounting Service, Kimberling City

·       Outdoor Rooms by Design, Kimberling City

·       Danna’s BBQ—petitions available this weekend


There are also volunteers in the Crane and Hurley area with petitions; call 678-367-4502 or email for contact info to sign in those communities, or with any other questions.

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