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Local organization encourages young entrepreneurs

A fun event last weekend raised funds for a relatively new nonprofit organization.


The Little Founders Club began about a year ago as a way to encourage youngsters to begin and maintain their own businesses.


"The Little Founders Club is a nonprofit. We teach them how to run their business. We give them lots of networking options and guidelines on how to do things. Also, at the end of the year we get a grant in their hands for whatever they need for their business," explained Trina. "When they participate throughout the year, they learn different things, but they also have opportunities to earn towards their end of year grant."


Grants are awarded after the young entrepreneurs participate in an annual showcase.


Said Trina, "The Little Founders Showcase is kind of a shark tank type of event. The kids come in and tell us about their business. There are judges, and the judges ask them questions and kind of get a feel for what's happening and what they need. They have to explain what they need and the judges decide what to award them."


The weekend event, the Little Founders Fair, held at The Falls Shopping Center, featured a car show, food and fun, and many young businessmen and women manning booths and sharing their talents.


Youth ages 17 and under that are interested in the Little Founders Club can contact the organization through their Facebook page, or email Interested young people will be sent a link to fill out an application to join the Little Founders Club.


"The kids have done great over the last year. They have really worked hard," said Trina. "We've got about 10 young Founders in our organization right now, but there's definitely room for more!"

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