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Local businesswoman-turned-author tells about first book

A Branson area business woman has added the title of author to her stellar resume.


Angie Harris is well known in Branson for her expertise in digital marketing and promoting Branson shows, attractions and businesses, as well as her love for everything Disney.


"I run a digital marketing company called 'Going Out the Door' and I write blogs about Disney and other topics that matter to me," Harris explained. "I moved to Branson in 1992 to help launch The Vacation Channel and spent 17 years there, fostering a deep love for Branson and its community. I also own, which offers time management systems."


Harris' new book, "Finding Fred—Too Much Treasure" is an enchanting children's book that tells the story of a young boy named Fred, known as "Finding Fred," due to his ability to discover hidden gems. In her storytelling, Harris shares the lessons Fred learned about the value of possessions and the joy of decluttering. Readers will follow Fred as he experiences the challenges of having too much treasure.


"Finding Fred: Too Much Treasure" was published earlier this year, but the process began nearly two years ago.


"My birth father, who lived without running water for over 40 years and as a true hoarder, tragically passed away in an automobile accident," Harris explained. "As his only child, I inherited his 10-acre property, and felt utterly overwhelmed. I found myself wishing he had experienced a different childhood, so I created that alternate reality in 'Finding Fred.' "


Harris continued, "It was a challenge finding the right illustrator. My dear friend was talking to me about her talented daughter-in-law, so I reached out. Kaitlin Atwood was the perfect artist for this project. She is so talented and was able to mix the mediums. She uses pencil to create the scene, crayons to color in the specifics and vibrant digital colors on the background. We collaborate on each specific piece, and it has been an amazing relationship."


The next project Harris and Atwood have teamed up on is entitled "Finding Fred Experiences an Ozark Mountain Christmas," set to be released before the holiday season.


"In this story, our little collector visits my hometown of Branson, MO," noted Harris. "In the first book, Fred learns to let go, but his tendencies to collect still run deep. As the holidays approach, all he can think about are the 'things' he wants for Christmas. His parents soon decide that an adventure is better than gifts. During their time in Branson, Fred visits the Duttons, Haygoods, Hughes Brothers, Clay Cooper, Dickens Gift Shoppe, Dick's 5 and 10, and Beyond the Lens, and stays at the Stone Castle Hotel. His trip is full of lessons and adventure, where he learns insights that many spend a lifetime trying to discover."


In addition to her already published book, and soon-to-be-released holiday book, Harris has several more books in various stages of production, including a Disney Vacation Planner.


"Finding Fred: Too Much Treasure" would be the perfect gift for any young reader. This treasure can be purchased online at

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