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Legacy Academy opens second kindergarten due to unprecedented demand

Legacy Academy, a classical Christian education school in Branson, is opening a second kindergarten class in order to meet the needs of families in the Branson/Hollister area.

According to Mrs. Kathryn Jones, Legacy’s Director of Operations, the Academy and Preschool have experienced over 30% growth this last year and will grow again this year. The school currently serves over 200 students and keeps witnessing that number growing year after year. “It has been incredible to be a part of Legacy’s journey, and we are thrilled to welcome another class of kindergartners! A lot of prayer and planning has gone into the decision to add another class but we want to be able to serve the needs of families and we are excited to do so!” She said, “God is good and has been faithful to Legacy Academy every step of the way.”

Mr. Nate Hennessee, Legacy’s Head of School explains, “Legacy’s growth is part of America participating in a renaissance in Classical Christian education. American parents increasingly seek schools that honor their role as the first and foremost educators and provide their children life preparation. A biblically-integrated faith with sound reasoning as well as virtuous character building with spiritual disciplines are the essential tools for thriving in a culture rampant with mental illnesses, screen-time addictions and fractured identities. Under the authority of scripture, the Classical Christian tradition holds together the Good, True, and Beautiful with its time-tested curriculum, practices and philosophy of education.”

Legacy Academy will add eighth grade and an additional kindergarten class next year (2024-2025) with a maximum class size of 18. If you are interested in a classical education for your child and have inquiries about any available openings, please give us a call at 417-226-2319 or email our Head of School, Nate Hennessee at

About Legacy Academy

Legacy Academy is a private, classical Christian school in Branson, MO. After 25 years of leading a large preschool, First Baptist Church Branson was approached by a small group of parents in the spring of 2016 with the idea of starting a private Christian K-12 school. Over the next several months, numerous conversations led to the birth of Legacy Christian Academy in 2016. Legacy Academy started at the FBC Branson with a kindergarten class of six students. Having added one grade per year, today Legacy has over 140 students in grades K-8 and over 100 in the preschool. The Legacy Board of Education is committed to the continued expansion of Legacy through grade 12. Looking toward the future, our current eighth-grade class will be seniors during the 2028-29 school year, and the first graduation will take place in May 2029!

“Legacy Academy partners with Branson area parents to develop truth-grounded, spiritually-formed, and culturally-transforming Christ followers by classically cultivating affections for the True, Good, and Beautiful.”

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