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GUMI Camp is haven for veterans

My husband John and I joined a few others on Memorial Day at the GUMI Camp. We listened to presentations, took a hayride tour of the camp, and talked to some of the volunteers. We were able to see the progression and projection of the camp. There is a lot happening here at the camp. As I stated in my previous article, they just graduated their 53rd Veteran from the program. 

GUMI stands for Glad You Made It. This camp is a New Horizons 501(c)(3) entity. As the participants go through the program they are housed on property. They will learn in the six-month program to have the daily routines. They have weekly peer-to-peer support groups that meet, they do activities and care of the animals, woodwork and much more. There is an around-the-clock director with a Master's Degree in the Development of Human Behavior on hand.  As these veterans graduate the program with the decision of their case management, they decide on their next path in life. 

GUMI Camp USA is located on a 258-acre piece of property in southeast Taney County, Missouri. Veterans may reside without cost to them and heal at their own pace. At full capacity, it houses approximately 30 veterans on the working ranch. 


Veterans have a haven to heal from the tragedies of deployment here. They make a "new life" for themselves through this program. They can even stay after graduation and help mentor others.  


The need is so great; we are sadly losing veterans too quickly from PTSD suicide. Twenty-two vets a day take their own lives. This is a horrific number.  

You can become a sponsor, donate, volunteer and help in other ways. The camp is also found on Facebook and X.

For more information:


P.O. Box 125

267 MoArk Rd.

Cedarcreek, Missouri 65627

Telephone 1-888-612-8881


Another camp is starting in Pine City, MN. For more information contact:


P.O. Box 156

Pine City, MN 55063

Telephone 1-417-559-3892

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