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Governor Parson signs SB 727, HB 2287 into law, increasing Missouri teacher pay

On May 8 Governor Mike Parson signed Senate Bill (SB) 727 and House Bill (HB) 2287 into law. Together, the bills permanently increase baseline teacher pay to at least $40,000 per year, incentivize 5-day school weeks, increase support for early childhood education programs, and increase funding for small schools, among other provisions.

"I have and always will support Missouri teachers. Since the beginning of our administration, we've looked at ways to increase teacher pay and reward our educators for the hard work they do, and this legislation helps us continue that progress," Governor Parson said. "We ask a lot of our educators when it comes to teaching and caring for our children. Together, this legislation supports Missouri students, teachers and families with more educational opportunities to succeed – including additional investments in Pre-K – while ensuring our teachers earn a better wage."

SB 727 and HB 2287 contain provisions relating to the following subjects:

  • Permanently raises starting teacher pay to at least $40,000 per year

  • Increases salaries for teachers with a master's degree and 10-plus years experience to a minimum of $48,000 per year by 2027

  • Increases all Missouri teachers' salaries by the January Consumer Price Index report, with a cap of 3 percent annually

  • Increases state funding for early childhood education programs

  • Increases the funding limit and expands access for Missouri's Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

  • Incentivizes school districts in municipalities larger than 30,000 inhabitants to have 5-day school weeks

  • Establishes the Elementary Literacy Fund

  • Increases the small school grant funding program from $15 million to $30 million per year

  • Protects retirement benefits for educators who continue teaching after retirement

  • Establishes the Teacher Recruitment and Retention State Scholarship Program

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