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Branson Terry Music Award nominees announced

In an exciting ceremony on Tuesday, nominees for the upcoming Branson Terry Music Awards were announced. Branson vocalist and musician Rick McEwen teamed up with Kelly Smith, a local TV personality, to announce the nominees during the event, held at the Americana Theatre.


Nominees for Comedian of the Year were: Paul May, Baldknobbers and Redneck Comedy Tour (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Jamie Haage, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall); James Sibley, Pierce Arrow (Pierce Arrow Theatre); Jarrett Dougherty, Down Home Country and Redneck Comedy Tour (Grand Country Music Hall); and Andy Parks, Million Dollar Quartet (Shepherd of the Hills).


Fiddle Player of the Year nominees include: Tina Sibley, The Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Hannah Farnum, Clay Cooper's Country Express (Clay Cooper Theatre); Wayne Massengale, Melody Hart and The Wranglers Band (Wranglers Honky Tonk); Amy Dutton, The Duttons (Dutton Family Theatre); George Geisser, America's Top Country Hits (Americana Theatre); and Melody Hart, Melody Hart and The Wranglers Band (Wranglers Honky Tonk). 


Band of the Year nominees were: Kathy and the Porch Band (Branson Craft Mall); Nashville Roadhouse Live Band, Nashville Roadhouse Live (Pierce Arrow Theatre); Legends in Concert, Legends in Concert (Pepsi Legends Theatre); Matt Gumm and Company, Matt Gumm and Friends (Clay Cooper Theatre); C.J. Newsom's Classic Country Band, C.J. Newsom's Classic Country and Comedy (Americana Theatre); Spectrum, Carpenters Once More (God and Country Theatre).


For Lead Guitar Player of the Year, the nominees include: Matt Henshaw, Pierce Arrow (Pierce Arrow Theatre); Mark Boyd, Nashville Roadhouse Live (Pierce Arrow Theatre); Robert Terry, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall); Kevin Allen, Legends in Concert (Pepsi Legends Theatre); and Dino Strunk, Melody Hart and the Wranglers Band (Wranglers Honky Tonk).


Female Vocalist of the Year nominees were: C.J. Newsom, C.J. Newsom's Classic Country and Comedy (Americana Theatre); Kimberly Barber, Down Home Country (Grand Country Music Hall); Jackie Brown, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall); Deanna Edwards, Absolutely Country Definitely Gospel (Little Opry Theatre); Sara LaBeau, Comedy Jamboree (Grand Country Music Hall); and Diana Lynn, Carpenters Once More (God and Country Theatre).


Male Vocalist of the Year nominees include: Mike Walker, Lasting Impressions (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Stevie Lee Woods, Nashville Roadhouse Live (Pierce Arrow Theatre); Allen Asbury, Clay Cooper's Country Express (Clay Cooper Theatre); Doug Gabriel, The Doug Gabriel Show (Reza Live Theatre); Colt Cooper, Hot Rods and High Heels (Clay Cooper Theatre); and Michael Cole, Pierce Arrow Decades (Pierce Arrow Theatre).


Those nominated for Instrumentalist of the Year were: John Lance, The Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Tina Sibley, The Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Jonathan Black, Clay Cooper's Country Express (Clay Cooper Theatre); Jacob Hughes, ReVibe (Hughes Brothers Theatre); and Jessica Dutton, The Duttons (Dutton Family Theatre).


Drummer of the Year nominees include: Robbie Blackwood, Clay Cooper's Country Express (Clay Cooper Theatre); Josh Gabriel, Doug Gabriel Morning Show (Reza Live Theatre); Garrett Massengale, Melody Hart and the Wranglers Band (Wranglers Honky Tonk); Rob Blackburn, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall); and Irielle McConnell, Pierce Arrow Country (Pierce Arrow Theatre).


Nominees in the category of Little Big Show were: A Garth Tribute (God and Country Theatre); Motown Downtown (Hot Hits Theatre); Strait to Branson - Tim Hadler (God and Country Theatre); Queen of Soul (Hot Hits Theatre); and Todd Oliver and Friends (Little Opry Theatre).


For Keyboard Player of the Year, the nominees were: R.P. Harrell, Clay Cooper's Country Express (Clay Cooper Theatre); David Brooks, On Fire - The Jerry Lee Lewis Story (The Sun Theatre); Ray Harris, The Hughes Music Show (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Tina Sibley, Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre); and Michael W. Davis, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall).


Those nominated for Steel Guitar Player of the Year include: Robby Springfield, Melody Hart and the Wranglers Band (Wranglers Honky Tonk); Kevin Clement, Branson Country USA (Grand Country Music Hall); Greg Moody, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall); George Geisser, Country Evolution (Hughes Brothers Theatre); and Forrest Herzog, America's Top Country Hits (Americana Theatre).  


In the category of Tribute Show of the Year, those nominated were: Elvis Live -- Jerry Presley (God and Country Theatre), The Man in Black - Shawn Barker (Pepsi Legends Theatre); Legends in Concert (Pepsi Legends Theatre); M.J. the Illusion (Reza Live Theatre); Best of Motown and More (Americana Theatre); and Million Dollar Quartet (Shepherd of the Hills).


Bass Player of the Year nominees were: Dillon Massengale, Melody Hart and the Wranglers Band (Wranglers Honky Tonk); Camby Hensen, Dean Z - The Ultimate Elvis (Clay Cooper Theatre); Larry Allred, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall); Eric Green, Hughes Music Show (Hughes Brothers Theatre); and Bob Roth, Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre).


Vocal Group of the Year nominees include: The Texas Tenors (Mickey Gilley's Grand Shanghai Theatre); The Petersons (Little Opry Theatre); SIX (Pepsi Legend Theatre); New South (Grand Country Music Hall); Delta Tones (Clay Cooper's Country Express); and Third Power (Clay Cooper's Country Express).


For Vocal Duo of the Year, the nominees are: Brandon and Megan Mabe, The Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Mark and Kathy Pearman (Pickin' Porch); Doug and Cheryl Gabriel, The Doug Gabriel Show (Reza Live Theatre); Luke Menard and Jackie Brown, Grand Jubilee (Grand Country Music Hall); and Shane Van Camp and Ashley Dawn, The Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre).  


Those nominated for Gospel Group of the Year were: The Petersens (Little Opry Theatre); Ozark Gospel (Grand Country Music Hall); Absolutely Country Definitely Gospel (Little Opry Theatre); Hughes Brothers Christmas (Hughes Brothers Theatre); and Southern Gospel Sundays (Americana Theatre).


Nominees for Production Show of the Year were: Re-Vibe (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Reza - Edge of Illusion (Reza Live Theatre); M.J. The Illusion (Reza Live Theatre); Rick Thomas - Magic of Dreams (Mickey Gilley's Grand Shanghai Theatre); Acrobats of Shanghai (Mickey Gilley's Grand Shanghai Theatre); and Hamner's Unbelievable Variety Show (Hamners Unbelievable Variety Theatre).


Morning Show of the Year nominees include: Beach Boys - California Dreamin' (Hamner's Unbelievable Variety Theatre); Redneck Comedy Tour (Redneck Camo Bus); Country Evolution with Dalena Ditto (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Golden Sounds of the Platters (Hot Hits Theatre); and Down Home Country (Grand Country Music Hall).


In the category of Matinee Show of the Year, the nominees were: #1 Hits of the 60's (Clay Cooper Theatre); Hot Rods and High Heels (Clay Cooper Theatre); Mike Walker - Conway Remembered (Hughes Brothers Theatre); Elvis - Story of a King (Americana Theatre); New Jersey Nights (Kings Castle Theatre) and Baldknobbers Vintage (Hughes Brothers Theatre).


For Show of the Year, the nominees were: Matt Gumm and Company (Clay Cooper Theatre); Clay Cooper's Country Express (Clay Cooper Theatre); Hughes Music Show (Hughes Brothers Theatre) ; The Duttons (The Dutton Theatre); The Doug Gabriel Show (Reza Live Theatre); and Reza - Edge of Illusion (Reza Live Theatre).


Lastly, nominees for Entertainer of the Year include: Dean Z -- The Ultimate Elvis (Clay Cooper Theatre); The Haygoods (Clay Cooper Theatre); SIX - An Orchestra of Voices (Pepsi Legends Theatre); The Duttons (The Duttons Theatre); The Baldknobbers (Hughes Brothers Theatre); and Clay Cooper (Clay Cooper Theatre).


The prestigious Branson Terry Music Awards are set for September 29 at the Hughes Brothers Theatre.  For tickets call All Access Branson at 417-332-2121.

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