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Branson Police Department receives help from Police Service Assistants

Many people have noticed a new Branson Police Vehicle that’s been out and about. This is the result of another effort by BPD to improve our service and free our officers up for more proactive efforts. BPD has two Police Service Assistants (PSA’s) that assist our officers and other employees.


These are civilian, non-sworn, police employees but they are no less important than all of our other team members. They assist us by serving as Crime Scene Investigators, performing traffic control at accidents, investigating parking and other code violations, generating reports for all online reports received, moving police vehicles for fleet management and maintenance, gathering video evidence from various businesses and assisting with animal control. Basically, they do whatever they can to free up our officers and to advance the PD mission.


These PSA’s have been assigned a vehicle that assists them in all of these tasks. While it has BPD markings and emergency equipment, it is clearly marked as a civilian employee vehicle. We are very thankful for these two employees and all they do!

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