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Area Entertainment: Treasured CD releases new life in milestone year

Barbara Fairchild is just as sweet as her smile is. I had the pleasure to spend a bit of time with her, to talk about the release of the album that was shelved and packed away for a time. Then, it was found and is being released to the public. The album was produced by the one and only Don Williams, whom Barbara has an admiration for and he for her. Yes, Don has moved on to heaven, but he and God have their hands on this timing release for Barbara. Last year Barbara reached a milestone year of entertainment. Her greatest song achievement came with a song that I knew her for: the 1973 “Teddy Bear Song.” I have to tell you—the new CD is so wonderful, and she blessed me with one. Thank you so much, Barbara. I never tire of good music.

Barbara is getting to travel to Ireland. She has not been there since touring the country with Don Williams. She will be a special feature in Daniel O’Donnell’s TV show titled “The Opry le Daniel.”

Barbara Fairchild was born in Lafe, Arkansas, on November 12, 1950. She was raised in Knobel, AR, until she and her family moved to St. Louis, MO, when she was only thirteen years old.  She first performed in front of an audience at the age of only five years old in a school talent show. Her first single, “Brand New Bed Of Roses” on the Norman label, was released when she was sixteen years old. With this song, she appeared on the local television channels. When she graduated from high school, she moved to Nashville, TN, to pursue her career in country music. She met Jerry Crutchfield and soon was signed to the MCA label as a songwriter. He sent her recording “Love Is A Gentle Thing” to Columbia Records helping her to land a record deal with them, with more singles and albums to follow.  It is quite funny as I am sitting here writing this article, I, of course, have my music playing and what song comes on?  “You’ve Lost That Lovin Feelin,” which was one of her top 10 singles.

After a period of time, she moved from Nashville to San Antonio, TX, to spend more time with her children and husband. Unfortunately, they later divorced; she then married again to have that only end in a divorce. Later, she met her love, Roy Morris, who is her best friend and cheerleader. They travel together to spread the love of Jesus. Starting in 1989, she started recording gospel, continuing to release singles and albums. In 1992, she moved to Branson to appear in the Mel Tillis Show, then becoming a regular on the Jim Stafford Show. During this time, she started her own show and the morning worship service at Music City Centre here in Branson, MO. She has appeared on several television shows—The Gene Williams Country TV, Ralph Emery’s Nashville Now, and Country’s Family Reunion hosted by whisperin’ Bill Anderson.

For a time, she toured with Don Williams, and this is when her new album was born, but was “shelved.”  These recordings that were made 38 years ago were a personal project that came to light out of Williams’ admiration for her singing. Don’s manager at the time stated, “I don’t recall Don ever producing another artist. Don thought that much of Barbara’s talents. This was truly a labor of love.” This resulted in a powerful work from two of the greats in country music. Don stated that “Barbara was the best female singer out there, despite her grunting or groaning her way through her songs because of her breathing!” He loved giving Barbara a hard time about her breathing after a song!  “Of course that was edited out,” Barbara joked. “That’s something that all artists do in the studio!” Among the ten tracks on this new album is a number that Kathy Mattea would later have a hit with, “Goin’ Gone.” Also, another highlight with this album that I found very pleasing was a Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash favorite, “Where Did We Go Right.”  Although Barbara performs it differently, she brings a very smooth vocal performance like the Don Williams’ style.

When she and Don were touring together in London, Don only wanted to go see Shakespeare’s birthplace.  He was not interested in any other places for sightseeing. The inside cover picture of Don and Barbara was taken on this tour. Barbara jokingly stated that her hair and makeup weren’t fixed, but they looked very thoughtful at each other. She couldn’t remember what they were talking about at that moment. They wanted a picture of the two of them together for this album. This is all that was available because cameras weren’t that readily available then.

Barbara believes in many worthwhile causes. She performed on a tour named, “Take America Back,” in which she honors the veterans as well as the current serving military. She is a spokesperson for Feed The Children, a sponsor for The Foster Grandparents Organization, and a member of Concerned Women of America.  She has had her own ministry as she is an ordained minister. She tours with her country music and ministry performance shows still to this day.

She is a songwriter, Nashville recording artist, Arkansas Music Hall of Fame and North America Hall of Fame inductee, Best Country Vocal Performance by a Female Grammy nomination, Grammy nomination for the Children category, five hit songs on the Country Top 40, Billboard Hot Country Songs chart topper, a crossover hit song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and Number 1 on the Canadian Country charts.

For additional information on her new CD and touring schedule, access her through her website,, or follow her

on Facebook.

Thank you, Barbara Fairchild, for your fun, entertaining time that we spent together, and let’s not forget that we got ourselves locked in the Branson Globe office during the eclipse. Thanks, Rob!

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