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Support military families in honor of Military Appreciation Month

Volunteer with the Red Cross to turn “thank you for your service” into action. The American Red Cross provides support to our U.S. military community at every step of their career — from the time a service member takes their oath to navigating life as a veteran and each event in between. You can find American Red Cross support of military communities across the globe at military hospitals, on installations locally and overseas and through local chapter offices in every state.

This month, the American Red Cross is inviting people around the country to turn “Thank you for your service” into action. For those with a military background or just a heart for military and veteran communities, opportunities to volunteer and support are available in Southern Missouri Chapter area.  

“Oftentimes when military families go through a crisis, they are separated from their families and their support systems,” said Stacy Burks, executive director, Southern Missouri Chapter. “Red Cross volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of military families through emergency relief, comfort and care during the most harrowing of times.”

ANSWER EMERGENCY CALLS WITH THE HERO CARE NETWORK. The Red Cross Hero Care Network is a free 24/7 support system for military and veteran families when they are facing life-changing events like the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, a medical emergency or even a financial crisis. The Red Cross is the only organization to provide this emergency messaging service to separated and active-duty military families.

     Volunteers help serve members each day by answering calls, delivering messages and opening cases to support connections to additional resources.

    Here in Southern Missouri, the Red Cross has provided emergency services to nearly 420 military families July 1, 2023.

VOLUNTEER AT A MILITARY OR VETERAN HOSPITAL. The Red Cross has medical and non-medical volunteers that help provide care, comfort and therapy at military medical facilities in the U.S. and all around the world. 

    Medical Volunteers: Licensed doctors or nurses, help support hospital staff in a variety of ways, including seeing patients in-person or through telehealth, nurse charting, answering calls and more.

    Non-medical Volunteers: Non-medical volunteers help with a variety of programs including visiting patients; manning coffee, snack and book carts; providing art and garden therapy classes; hosting animal visitation programs; and distributing care and comfort items to patients and medical staff.

TEACH MENTAL WELLNESS WORKSHOPS. The Red Cross conducts mental wellness courses, called Resiliency Workshops, for military and veteran families. 

    Programs are free, confidential and offered in-person or online by licensed mental health professionals. 

    The programs help service members, veterans and their families build resilience, manage stress and address trauma. 

    Mental health professionals serve as volunteer leaders of Resiliency workshops for military and veteran communities.

    Since July 1, the Red Cross in Southern Missouri provided 90 military families with support through Health and Wellness Programs. 

Volunteer Today – Turn your appreciation into action by volunteering with the Red Cross today. To learn more, visit or contact your local Red Cross chapter to learn about open availabilities.

Visit for full information about programs that support military communities.

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