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Rep. Burlison files four amendments to FY 2025 National Defense Authorization Act

Congressman Eric Burlison (R-MO-07) recently filed a series of amendments to H.R. 8070, the Servicemember Quality of Life Improvement and National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2025 (NDAA).


“I'm proud to put forward these amendments to support our brave men and women in uniform and promote American values. From authorizing the Presidential Medal of Honor for a true hero to eliminating DEI within the Pentagon, these amendments will help bring honor and integrity to the military.”


“Our brave servicemembers deserve a military focused solely on preserving America's security and values. My amendments ensure our resources go towards that mission, not pursuing divisive agendas like DEI that undermine troop cohesion and combat readiness,” said Rep. Burlison.


Amendments introduced by Rep. Burlison include:

  1. An amendment authorizing the Presidential Medal of Honor for Chief Warrant Officer Gregory McManus, who risked his own life to save his fellow servicemembers.

  2. An amendment prohibiting any funds from being used for divisive diversity, equity and inclusion offices, policies, or practices within the Department of Defense.

  3. An amendment prohibiting funds from going to Gaza until the terrorist group Hamas has been destroyed and no longer threatens Israel.

  4. An amendment protecting American families' personal data from being transferred to China through online tutoring services contracted by the Department of Defense.

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