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Foster children need new beginnings


     Cheryl Adair knows firsthand what it is like to walk inro a stranger’s home with nothing but a few belongings in a trash bag. Cheryl was born and entered the foster system in Oklahoma. She entered the system at age fourteen and remained until she was eighteen. Entering a new home with a trash bag gave her a sense of indignity and she doesn’t want other children to ever have that feeling.

       As a CASA (Court Appointed Service Advocate) Supervisor, serving children in Southwest Missouri is a passion. Suitcases for New Beginnings is her non for profit that she created in 2020 during COVID. Cheryl’s perspective is that children in the foster system are already lost and need to feel like somebody cares. Suitcases for New Beginnings helps by providing diaper bags or duffle bags with personal items and other things that help those children have a sense of dignity. Taney County alone has over 300 children in care this quarter and the percentages of children entering the system continue to rise.

     June 1 this year will be the First Annual Poker Run to raise money for this cause. Cheryl’s charity relies on community support to make this successful. Poker Run information and other information about Suitcases for New Beginnings can be found at and any monetary or tangible donations can be dropped off at her office 10998 Historic Highway 165 in Hollister.

Matthew 25:35 (KJV) For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in.

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