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In the final two weeks of Missouri’s 2024 legislative session, we are working urgently to pass key legislation. The Missouri Senate made progress on renewing legislation that funds Medicaid through the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA) after a lengthy filibuster. These taxes generate $1.4 billion, matched by $2.8 billion in federal funds. The Senate is also finalizing the state budget before the May 10 deadline. Meanwhile, the Missouri House has recently focused on passing bills related to Medicaid funding, human trafficking penalties, and property rights. My personal legislative focus is making sure that anything passed in the last two weeks is in the best interest of Missourians, not government. I am keeping YOUR interests at the forefront.

Protecting Property Rights

Since day one of my first term, I have stood strong in advocating for property rights. The Missouri House of Representatives passed HB 1750 to protect property rights in relation to renewable energy development. The bill prohibits corporations from using eminent domain for constructing wind or solar energy facilities on private land. This measure aims to address concerns about misuse of eminent domain powers by corporations pursuing renewable energy projects, emphasizing the need to protect individual landowners from overreach. The bill ensures that eminent domain is reserved for legitimate public purposes, such as essential public utilities and infrastructure, while preserving property rights for Missouri citizens. The passage of HB 1750 reflects broader discussions on regulating renewable energy development and property rights in Missouri and will now move to the Missouri Senate for further review.

Enhancing Cardiac Emergency Response in Public Schools

The Missouri House of Representatives passed House Bill 1991, which focuses on improving cardiac emergency response readiness in public schools statewide. This legislation mandates that every public school develop and implement a comprehensive plan for responding to sudden cardiac arrest or similar life-threatening emergencies. Schools with athletic programs must also create tailored plans for events. HB 1991 emphasizes evidence-based elements like establishing cardiac emergency response teams and strategically placing AEDs on campuses. It prioritizes training school staff in first aid, CPR, and AED use following reputable guidelines. This bill aims to enhance student and staff health by enabling schools to effectively manage cardiac emergencies, potentially saving lives. The next step is consideration by the Missouri Senate.

Expanding MOBUCK$ Program for Economic Growth

The Missouri General Assembly passed HB 1803 to expand the MOBUCK$ program, which helps local lenders offer reduced interest rates to eligible borrowers. Managed by the Treasurer’s Office, MOBUCK$ uses linked deposits to provide funds to lenders at discounted rates, enabling them to lower interest rates by 2-3percent for borrowers statewide. The program, which temporarily paused new applications due to high demand, will receive a substantial $400 million supplement through HB 1803, addressing increased demand and inflationary pressures. MOBUCK$ supports farmers and small businesses by reducing loan interest burdens and optimizing economic returns for Missourians. The bill’s approval signifies Missouri’s commitment to economic stability and resident support.

Drought Alert for Missouri Extended

Governor Mike Parson has extended Missouri’s drought alert until September 1, 2024, via Executive Order 24-05, to ensure continued coordination of state resources and responses amidst worsening drought conditions compared to last year. The decision follows recommendations from the Missouri Drought Assessment Committee due to persistent warm weather, dry conditions, and limited water resources. Currently, 11 counties are experiencing severe drought, 71 counties are in moderate drought, and 86 counties are abnormally dry. Efforts to mitigate impacts include emergency water and hay opportunities for farmers, adjusted grazing practices, and increased monitoring of water reservoirs. The public can report local drought conditions via the Condition Monitoring Observer Reports(CMOR) platform at for updates and assistance.

Norm Stewart Inducted into Hall of Famous Missourians

The Missouri House of Representatives inducted legendary Missouri Tigers basketball coach Norm Stewart into the Hall of Famous Missourians. Known as “Stormin’ Norman,” Stewart’s career spanned over three decades, highlighted by his coaching excellence and commitment to community. Stewart’s journey began as a standout athlete at the University of Missouri before returning as head coach, leading the Tigers to numerous successes over 32 seasons. His coaching legacy includes 734 wins, eight Big Eight titles, and 16 NCAA Tournament appearances, earning him national accolades. Beyond basketball, Stewart’s impact extended to cancer advocacy through the Coaches Vs. Cancer program. Speaker Dean Plocher recognized Stewart’s profound influence on Missouri and presented his bust as the newest addition to the Hall of Famous Missourians, celebrating his enduring legacy of resilience and service.

Brian H. Seitz

State Representative of the 156th District

201 W. Capitol Ave, Room 118,

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: (573) 751-1309

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