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Camp Fritz: A season of summer camp nostalgia for all ages at Fritz's Adventure

Get ready to relive the magic of summer camp with a modern twist at Camp Fritz, the latest seasonal offering from Fritz’s Adventure. This summer, from June 17 through August 19, guests of all ages can immerse themselves in an indoor experience that promises endless fun, excitement and unforgettable memories. Fritz’s Adventure is located at 1425 W. 76 Country Blvd. in Branson, next to Dolly’s Stampede.

Travis Leaming, Fritz’s Chief Operating Officer, shared, “Our entire team is buzzing with anticipation for Camp Fritz. It’s a unique blend of nostalgia and family adventure and the best way for people to connect and have fun. At Camp Fritz, everything you need for an extraordinary summer is under one roof.”

Camp Fritz invites guests of all ages to step back into a summer of yesteryear; where it was all about having fun and spending time with the ones you love. From the thrill of friendly competition to the artistic joy of creative crafts and sweet treats, Fritz’s Adventure has curated an experience that brings that essence of summer camp to life.

Tickets for the Camp Fritz season are available for purchase online at and onsite. This isn’t a summer camp where you drop the kids off; it’s where you join them! There’s no age limit on fun at Camp Fritz; guests of all ages are welcome to participate and enjoy.

“Games, snacks, crafts and more!” said Grace Frankowski, Director of Marketing. “Camp Fritz is all the attractions our guests have come to know and love with the added flare of summer camp theming and activities. We’re all about new experiences, and this summer is the best new way to experience Fritz’s Adventure!”

It’s time to immerse your family in the nostalgia and excitement of summer camp—it’s time to take a trip to Camp Fritz! To get more details or to secure tickets, visit

About Fritz’s Adventure

Fritz’s Adventure was founded in Branson, MO, as an indoor/outdoor adventure park and family attraction. Visitors of all ages and abilities climb, tunnel, jump, run, slide, rappel and zip through more than 80,000 square feet of explorable space. Fritz’s Adventure is the best all-weather attraction and is open year-round for family fun.

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