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Burlison Brief

Joe Biden’s election year border charade 

This week, President Biden issued an executive order on immigration in an attempt to save face for the unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens he and Secretary Mayorkas created. 


In his first 100 days in office, Joe Biden issued 94 executive actions overturning Trump-era border policies that were working to secure the border. As a result, millions upon millions of illegal aliens have invaded our country. 


Biden’s executive order does not end parole abuses or catch-and-release. It does not reimplement Remain in Mexico or deport the millions of illegal aliens who have entered under his presidency. 


It is nothing more than political theater and a sad attempt to try to pull the wool over the American people’s eyes in an election year.  


Unfortunately for him, the American people are smart. They know Biden created the worst border crisis in American history that has turned every state into a border state, drained our resources, and endangered American citizens. 


Hunter and James Biden caught breaking the law

This week, the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees referred Hunter and James Biden to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for criminal prosecution for lying to Congress.  


Hunter and James Biden both lied to Congress about key aspects of the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. These lies were made to protect Joe Biden and create the false impression that he was not involved in his family’s business dealings. 


I joined Real America’s Voice to discuss the criminal referrals as well as Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. 

Upcoming U.S. Service Academy Day

On June 15, my office is hosting a U.S. Service Academy Day at 2535 N. Kansas Expressway, Springfield, MO. 


As a Congressman, I have the honor of nominating young men and women from our district to attend our nation’s incredible service academies.  


All high school students interested in attending a service academy and their families are invited to attend my U.S. Service Academy Day from 9 to 11 a.m. to learn more about the congressional nomination process. 

ICYMI: Media from the week

Recently, I joined KSGF to discuss the Trump trial verdict, history of the Biden Crime Family and Anthony Fauci. 

I also joined the Alex Lace Show to talk about the Hunter and James Biden criminal referrals, the sham Trump trial and conviction, and Joe Biden’s executive order on the border. 

Need help with a federal agency?

If you are having a problem getting a timely answer from a federal agency or feel like you've been treated unfairly, my office may be able to help.


My office helps constituents with issues involving the VA, the IRS, Social Security, the State Department, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and other federal agencies.


If you need help with a federal agency, call my Springfield office at 417-889-1800, my Joplin office at 417-781-1041, or go to this link:

Tours and tickets

As constituents of Missouri's 7th Congressional District, you may request tickets and tours for the White House and U.S. Capitol. Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis so get your tickets in early!


Are you or someone you know interested in a career in public service? We have opportunities in my Joplin, Springfield, and Washington offices. Use this link to learn more about our internship program and apply today!

And that's it for the Burlison Brief!

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Joplin District Office2727 E. 32nd Street Suite 2Joplin, MO 64804

Phone: 417-781-1041


Springfield District Office3232 E. Ridgeview St.Springfield, MO 65804Phone: 417-889-1800










Rep. Eric Burlison

Member of Congress

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