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Area Entertainment: Shepherds Wild West Murder Mystery Show

    Howdy there, pardner; you better watch yourself here in these hills!! You will be receiving a new kind of mystery in this action-packed show. You will have a mixture of mystery, gun slingin,' trick riding and ropin' all rolled up in one unique murder mystery. This all takes action under the stars in the outdoor theater at Shepherd Of The Hills. You can begin the night with supper and fun with The Old Trail Wranglers in the Playhouse Theatre with the dinner bell ringing at 4:30 p.m., (which I have previously written about), then make your way down to the theater for the Wild West Show.

    This show is different than all other murder mysteries. It is kid friendly, has audience participation, and is very funny. You will get to see a finalist from the show “America's Got Talent” doing what he does best. There are several characters and even the Hurley Burley Gang. The kids get to be "Deputized."  Who knows, you might even become a participant or be sitting right next to a suspect. They have real horses, fire, shooting, horse couples dancing, and the stagecoach comes onto the set as well. It is a Wild West Show with a twist of a mystery. You won't get bored that's for sure.  

I was able to ask some of the participants some questions, and so let's get to those now.  


    Questions I asked were:

1.     What would the older you tell the younger you?

2.     Anywhere you haven't been or visited that you would like to?

3.     What funny or memorable event have you had happened?

4.     Where are you from and how long have you've been in the Branson area?


Bronco Bob (Shannon Thomason):

       1. To lean into the Cowboy earlier! I love it and now only wish I had been doing western shows and cowboy slingin' a lot sooner!

   2. It's hard to pick out just one funny event when you're in a comedy show. I really enjoy working the audience, especially getting the kids up. They are what makes each show special. You never know how they're going to react or what they are going to do or say. We are always trying to make that next great funny moment with every guest in every show. Making lasting fun and memories for them and us.

   3. I would love to see Ireland, Scotland and England. 

   4. I am from Rayville, LA., which is known for being the White Gold Capital of the South -meaning white gold is cotton. Ha-Ha!! My wife and I moved to the Branson area in 2000 and have been having fun and entertaining folks since arriving 24 years ago.


Johnny Lonestar (Americas Got Talent finalist)

   1. Keep doing what you're doing, because you aren't going to college anytime soon.

   2. I would like to visit Italy, because I am from New York and what New Yorker doesn't want to go to Italy?

   3. I am an activities director that is also a cowboy from New York. (Luanna couldn't resist inserting the old salsa commercial saying, "Get a Rope!).

   4.  I've been in the Branson area for 30 years. Just a little bit about me is that I started roping at the age of 15. Got my first professional job in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel with the show, Country Tonight. I then moved to Branson and was in the Country Tonight Show here for nine years, then I was with the Clay Cooper Show for nine years. I have also

worked at the Silver Dollar City and The Hamner Unbelievable Variety Show. 


Rider and performer (Kenny Stults)

   1. Don't sweat the small things. Life has a way of working itself out.

   2. I would love to see as much of the world and different cultures that I get a chance to see in my lifetime.

   3. When I went on a safari in Africa and got some up-close visits by some incredible wildlife.

   4. I'm from Galena, MO. I have grown up in the area.


Tricks and Roman rider (Megan Bailey)

   1. Not to care what people think about me. (Easier said than done, I know!)

   2. I would love to go to the Yellowstone National Park!

   3. Oh, I cannot pinpoint just one. Something funny happens every day when you work around young kids.

   4. My husband and I are from Greers Ferry, AR. We have lived here for 11 years and loving it!


Tricks and Roman rider (Abby Ingram)

   1. Pursue the skills and hobbies you've always wanted to try, even if they don't seem possible. You never know when you may use them in the future. Don't wait to tell people how much their support means to you. They won't be around forever.

   2. I would love to visit Alaska.

   3. I remember my first time performing as a trick rider about two years ago. I had never thought that it was something I would ever do in my career, and it was so special to hear the reactions of the children watching. As a child, I wanted to perform after seeing the circus trick riders, and I loved that I have gotten the opportunity to inspire the next generation of performers.

   4. I am from Oregon City, OR. Also known as "The End of the Oregon Trail." I have lived in the Branson area for about three years.


Trixie LaRue (Dana Embree)

   1. Boy, if you only knew what I know now!

   2. I would like to go to Australia.

   3. The "Little Deputies" in the Wild West Show have been memorable to me. I've been amazed and encouraged by the brave, tiny audience members who face their fears and help us scare the "bad guys!"

   4. I'm from St. Louis, MO, and have lived in Branson for 36 years now.


Santa Fe Slim (Dan Embree)


   2. I would like to go to The British Isles.

   3. I've had a number of funny and or memorable events in my life. But I'll share this with you about when I met Willie Nelson. I was working as an extra on a film being shot in Eureka Springs, AR.  We were in a break area between shots when someone came to the door and said, "Hey, Willie Nelson's tour bus just pulled up!" People began filing out the door while I just sat there reading the newspaper. The last lady going out, turned back at the door, and said, "Don't you want to meet Willie Nelson?" I replied, "Nah, he wouldn't go out of his way to meet me." So, I continued to read my paper. Pretty soon the lady appeared at the door and said, "Willie Nelson is coming to meet you, smart guy!" And right behind her Willie walked in with his hand extended saying, "How do you do? I'm Willie Nelson!" 

   4. I'm originally from Sedalia, MO, but I've been in the Branson area for 51 years now.


Flash the Wonder Horse (Tex)

   I'm an 8-year-old Frisian Sport horse. My human who raised me is Kenny Stults. I'm a professional escape artist, and I can open most any gate in my path unless Kenny takes extra precautions to prevent me from doing so. If I get my gate open, then I go around and open the other gates so my buddies can join me in our freedom!

Ginger, Apollo, Roark, Comanche, Whiskey, and I may have missed one or two. (Horses) 

     We like to show our skills for our humans. We will carry them through fire, dance for them, let them show off their outstanding athletic trick skills. We love to perform!

     You want to make sure you get out there and see this action packed, fun show. Dates are Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays now through August 14.

     Contact information: Shepherd Of The Hills, box office: 5586 W. Hwy. 76 Country Blvd. Phone: 417-334-4191. Make sure to look up on all main media outlets

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