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Trinity Christian Academy ends high school; will restructure grades

By K.D. Michaels,

Staff Writer

Trinity Christian Academy in Hollister, one of the area’s premiere private schools based on Christian principles has made the difficult decision to dissolve their high school, effective immediately.

“Trinity Christian Academy will be restructuring our K-12 school for the upcoming 2020-21 school year due to Covid-19 causing a drop in enrollment,” explained Holly Gregory, Trinity Christian Academy Administrator. “The high school will not open this year. We have encouraged the high school students to look into a Dual Credit Homeschool program. We want them to be able to continue a Christian education, and the benefits of this program are incredible. Our hope is to re-open the high school in the near future.

Other restructuring in the school includes the combining of 7th and 8th grades, 5th and 6th grades, 3rd and 4th grades, and 1st and second grades.

“K5 will stand alone,” Gregory noted. “And, we will be accepting 1-year-olds to 4-year-olds for preschool.’

Gregory further explained that like many other schools, Trinity will offer the option of traditional seated classes or online classes or all grades for the upcoming school year, as well as creating protocol to keep students, faculty, staff and parents safe and healthy.

The news to dissolve the high school has hit both students and parents extremely hard.

“The students, the seniors, especially, understandably, are devastated. It’s horrible,” proclaimed TCA parent Sharena Naugher, mother to three students at Trinity Christian Academy, one who a will be a senior in the upcoming school year. “It’s so sad. We loved that little school, and we had such high hopes for our daughter to have a great senior year. This is still a shock. It’s always been our desire to keep our kids together, so that means a new school home for all three.”

Other changes in the upcoming school year is the elimination of some of the school’s extracurricular activities, including some sports programs.

Holly Gregory noted that this was not an easy decision, but instead, a heart-wrenching one that was made following much thought and prayer, adding that the decision has brought with it deep heartache for Trinity families, staff, and herself.

“Sometimes we’re so blindsided by disappointment that we can’t see Jesus walking with us through our heartache, leading us to something better” said Gregory. “But He wants to show us that He has made a way for us that goes beyond disappointment, into a future abundant with possibility, hope and victory.”

Gregory added a special word for her students and their families, “Continue to trust God, be good to each other, love big, forgive others, and encourage always.”

Those interested in getting more information about the dually accredited Trinity Christian Academy can call 417-334-7084 or visit them online at

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