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Today in History

971 According to legend English saint Swithun is reburied inside Winchester Cathedral (against his wishes), whereby a terrible storm proceeds to rain for 40 days and nights

1099 City of Jerusalem is captured and plundered by Christian forces during the First Crusade

1205 Pope Innocent III states Jews are doomed to perpetual servitude and subjugation due to crucifixion of Jesus

1381 John Ball, a leader in the Peasants’ Revolt, is hung, drawn and quartered in the presence of Richard II of England

1410 Battle of Grunwald (First Battle of Tannenburg, Battle of Žalgiris), one of Medieval Europe’s largest battles during Poland-Lithuanian Teutonic War. Polish King Władysław Jagiełło and Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas defeat Teutonic Ulrich von Jungingen

1799 The Rosetta Stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French Captain Pierre-François Bouchard during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign

1863 President Davis orders service duty for confederate army

1864 Troop train loaded with Confederate prisoners collided with a coal train killing 65 and injuring 109 of 955 aboard

1916 Boeing Company (Pacific Aero) formed by William Boeing in Seattle, Washington

1932 US President Herbert Hoover cuts own salary 15%

1948 US President Harry Truman nominated for another term (Philadelphia)

1954 1st commercial jet transport plane built in US tested (Boeing 707)

1955 18 Nobel laureates sign the Mainau Declaration against nuclear weapons, later co-signed by 34 more laureates

1958 President Eisenhower sends US troops to Lebanon; they stay 3 months

1964 Barry M Goldwater (Sen-R-Az) nominated for president by Republicans

1965 “Mariner IV” sends back 1st pictures of Mars

1971 US President Richard Nixon announces he will visit the People’s Republic of China

1980 Billy Carter, the brother of US President Jimmy Carter, registers as a foreign agent of the Libyan government after it was revealed they paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars

Movies & TV

1968 “One Life to Live”, American soap opera, premieres on TV

1974 Television new reporter Christine Chubbuck shoots herself live on TV WXLT-TV, Florida, first person to commit suicide in a live broadcast

1988 “Die Hard” directed by John McTiernan and starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman is released in the US

2009 “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, the 6th film based on the books by J. K. Rowling is released worldwide

2016 “Stranger Things” debuts on Netflix created by the Duffer Brothers, starring Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown


1960 Chubby Checker releases his version of “The Twist” in the US

1972 “Honky Chateau” becomes Elton John’s first No. 1 album in the US, includes hit “Rocket Man”

1984 John Lennon’s “I’m Stepping Out” released posthumously

1987 Boy George barred from British TV show, he may be a bad influence


1909 Ty Cobb hits 2 inside-the-park HRs

1912 American athlete Jim Thorpe is placed in top 4 in all 10 events, for an Olympic record 8,413 points to win the Decathlon gold medal at the Stockholm Olympics, medal stripped 1913 (played pro baseball), reinstated 1982

1973 California Angel Nolan Ryan 2nd no-hitter beats Detroit Tigers, 6-0

1980 Johnny Bench hits his 314th HR as a catcher which breaks Yogi Berra’s record

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