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Street Talk: What is your opinion on Branson's proposed mask mandate?

Colton Schmitt -- I don’t like the mask mandate, there’s not enough conclusive evidence that it helps more than it hurts. The CDC keeps going back and forth on the issue, which leads me to believe they don’t have any real idea whether or not it works as well as they’d like to say it does. Most importantly to me though, if you can’t prove to me, with indisputable evidence that it works, you have absolutely zero claim on my liberties. I’m not against masks, for some people, they may be more beneficial, but the general public, no. There’s not enough proof that it helps, and there’s plenty of evidence that it’s causing health issues for people. The mainstream media is trying to hide it, but it’s there.

Jeff Young -- Even though I have emphysema I am for masks because I believe people are coming to Branson from other hot spots across the country. The more people that wear masks the safer we are.

Tina Hughes -- I believe it is necessary for now to try to help stop the spread. I also believe that not everyone will be happy with it because of their rights possibly being taken away. But if it helps against the spread of the virus then I don’t mind wearing one.

Zach Ruby -- I believe the mask implementation will affect business. Also, if the masks work there is no necessity to have restrictions placed on businesses or travel. Either the masks work or they don’t, and if they work there is no reason for restrictions.

Richard Jones -- I just started wearing one today. I haven’t seen anyone that it’s affectect. Honestly I haven’t heard one person agree that we need it. If it doesn’t work, why wear them?

Aria Spencer -- I personally believe that masks should be required. Even if everything the doctors say by some chance is false, it gives people a sense of security to see others with masks. Even if the mask mandate isn’t passed, I will proudly wear my mask!

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