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Street Talk: a weekly Question answered by the public

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Since I am unable to go out to the streets to gather my subjects for this column, I did it all from my connections on my computer at home, and by Facebook. If anyone reading this would like to be featured in a future STREET TALK, let me know: info@bransonglobe.com. Since we don't know how long we will be quarantined, I will make my home the "STREET."

What creative outlet have you started doing since COVID-19 limitations were put in place?


“I’m communicating with messages and phone calls more. I find i think of the wellbeing of others and how they are adjusting. On nice days you can find me on my hands and knees picking weeds, 1 weed at a time.”


“Not much is changed for me. I am working out at home, as Crossfit is closed. So being creative with a limited workout equipment I have.”


“Mostly singing and dancing in front of my teenagers just to embarrass them. It works well, they are embarrassed even though nobody else is there to see it.”


“I’ve been coloring and dabbling in paint. Planting some spring flowers and of course baking. Never been too creative.”


“I’ve been cooking up a storm and learning to bake gluten free. I’ve also been painting pretties on rocks. That gives my artsy-fartsy side an outlet. Unfortunately, due to the hostage situation I’ve got NO ONE to pawn them off on.”

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