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Registration now open for adult softball leagues

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BRANSON, Mo – The Branson Parks & Recreation Department is currently taking registrations for Adult Softball. Designated leagues are offered on different evenings and designed for different skill levels to offer an opportunity for all interested players.

The following leagues will be offered for the 2020 season:

Men’s Doubleheader: Tuesday evenings

Co-Ed Competitive and Recreational: Wednesday evenings

Church League: Thursday evenings

Men’s Recreational: Friday evenings

The league registration deadline is July 22, 2020. The Men’s Doubleheader League features a 16 game regular season, followed by a season-ending, double-elimination tournament. All other leagues feature a 9 game regular season, followed by a season-ending, single-elimination tournament.

To register for any of the Adult Softball leagues, please visit the Missouri NSA website at www.missourinsa.weebly.com/branson.html. For more information about all Branson Parks & Recreation’s sports leagues, please visit our website at www.bransonparksandrecreation.com or contact the Branson RecPlex at 417-335-2368.

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